FPT to launch QnA Bot Maker

FPT recently launched QnA Bot Maker- a chatbot which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The platform aims to provide an effective customer care solution for those who love technology and want to explore the world of chatbot.

QnA Bot Maker is a free platform with graphical user interface that integrates with many applications such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. Chatbots which are built with QnA Bot Maker will work under the preconfigured scenario to automatically respond and interact with users in native language.

Virtual assistant_ QNA Bot Maker.

The advantage of QnA Bot Maker compared to current bot platforms is the ability to handle native languages, especially in Vietnamese thanks to advanced technology and experts in artificial intelligence and native language processing.

Chatbots built on this platform can accurately understand questions and provide answers based on the data provided initially. They have the ability to learn by themselves and become smarter over time thanks to the regular training of users.

In addition, instead of providing only an interactive channel via Facebook Messenger like most other bot platforms, QnA Bot Maker allows integration on multiple chat channels such as Viber and Livechat on the website, create better interaction for others

Today, the use of chatbot to handle large information within the enterprise as well as to take care customers is gradually becoming a clear demand. FPT.AI team is researching and developing more deeply in the field of artificial intelligence. Of which, chatbot has opened more opportunities for Vietnam to mark its position on the international market.

In Vietnam, there are many other units that contribute to the richness of Chatbot Vietnam ecosystem with a series of platforms which can create the famous bot in the market such as virtual assistant Hana of Mideas, Messnow of Hekate AI, etc.

Source: Chungta.vn