FPT Japan spent USD 17,000 looking for AI coders

Pikalong War Contest organized by FPT Japan for those who in love with the challenge of hot technology- AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Pikalong War is a contest organized by FPT Japan with a total prize of up to USD 17,000. In particular, the first prize worth up to USD 10,000 while the second and third prize is USD 5,000 and USD 3,000, respectively.

The competition consists of two rounds including code contest and AI tournament. In the code contest, each team will write a program to solve the problem given by the Organizing Committee by using their chosen programming language. Players’ programs will then be submitted to the system to be tested. The program will be accepted if it passes all of the test cases.

Pikalong War is a playground organized by FPT Japan for the tech community in Japan.

In the AI Tournament, players will program BOTs based on the given subjects with inputs/outputs specified by the Organizing Committee. Periodically, during the exam, the Organizing Committee will set up tournaments among all BOTS for the purpose of classification. Scores will be recorded according to their respective ranks.

Pikalong War is organized for technology enthusiasts and programmers in Japan. Throughout the contest, FPT Japan aims to bring players to the opportunities to exchange, learn and develop new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, etc. Pikalong War is scheduled to take place in October.

The idea was given by Mr. Tran Dang Hoa – CEO of FPT Japan and Mr. Do Van Khac – CDO of FPT Japan, implemented by FSS.SIS FPT Software. The company wishes to develop an annual competition not only for FPT Japan but also for FPT Software.

Interested candidates registered here before September 25.

FPT University recently decided to add artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching software engineering, with the desire to build a high-quality IT staff, enhance added- value as well as the technology leader of the software industry.

In the software engineering program at FPT University, students will learn two basic modules which are compulsory modules learning in the first 6 semester and elective modules (in 4 final semester). At this intensive stage, students may choose one of four specialized subjects to study and complete their graduation projects including embedded systems; information system; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bridge Engineer in Japan.

Source: Chungta.vn