FPT Japan in need of 2000 programmers for new projects

FPT Japan just signed a multi-million dollars contract of a project lasting for three years, and the first phase will take place from June to September this year. The corporation is looking for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Team Leaders and Bridge Software Engineers (BrSE). Candidates are also required to be proficient in Japanese (N2 level or above).




According to FPT Japan representatives, the company participates in completing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to deploy for small and average Japanese businesses. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the ability of FPT in high-demand processes in software projects as well as applying advanced technologies to building the system architecture. 


Previously, FPT Japan won the contract of a project of working in the process of Maintenance & Support at Data Center in Sendai. Not long afterwards, a Research and Development Center has been established in Okinawa.


There are now more than 800 personnel working for FPT Japan in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. FPT Japan is the partner of approximately 300 partners in the country. The company is trusted with the most advanced and important tasks such as research, develop future products, warrant and maintain core customer systems.


Contact:  fjp.ra@fsoft.com.vn


Translated and Summarized from chungta.vn