FPT Japan attracts thousands of engineers and IT professionals

With a revenue of USD 160 million per year and nearly 1,000 employees in 5 provinces and cities in Japan, CEO FPT Japan Tran Dang Hoa highly assessed the future development of Vietnam in general and FPT Japan in specific.

According to Vu Van Chung, Deputy Director of Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam enterprises have invested 1,258 projects in 72 countries and territories with a total registered capital of USD 21.4 billion. Although the number and the capital of investment projects in Japan is not large but the investment projects are highly effective.

“FPT Japan is attracting thousands of engineers and IT professionals to work and dedicate,” Mr. Chung affirmed how FPT successfully conquered this “fastidious” market, contributing positive motivation for Vietnamese enterprises to invest in foreign markets.

According to Mr. Vu Van Chung- Deputy Director of Foreign Investment Agency, when mentioning about Japan, many people will think of investment from Japan to Vietnam rather than investment of Vietnamese enterprises to Japan market. And the case of FPT is typical demonstration of success.

Speaking at the Investment Conference in Japan organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in HCM City on December 19, Mr. Chung said that Vietnamese businesses are facing great opportunities in Business investment in Japan. In fact, the past time shows that Vietnam has been fully capable of investing in countries with high levels of development such as Japan. “In particular, there are areas where Vietnam does not give priority to offshore investment, but now they are the strength of Vietnam such as IT, aviation, etc.”.

As a special guest of the event, CEO FPT Japan Tran Dang Hoa presented the opportunities and difficulties of investing in Japan. According to Mr. Hoa, IBM took 20 years to become a Japanese company. From the journey of the giant, FPT Japan CEO stated that the unit may need more to achieve the legal status in this sunrise country.

FPT Corporation said that as of November, the company continued to grow well with a total revenue of USD 160 million. In parallel, FPT Japan is developing the Akaminds- Internet of Things platform – similar to GE’s Predix and Siemens’ Mindsphere. However, this platform will be cheaper, more flexible and serve the small and medium enterprises.

CEO of FPT Japan Tran Dang Hoa is a guest of JETRO.

Regarding to Industry 4.0, according to Mr. Hoa, this revolution will need human resources who are capable of processing algorithms and data, while Vietnam also has strength in the number of mathematical talents. Therefore, FPT Japan CEOs said that the Vietnamese will have the dominant advantages to grasp this trend.

At present, FPT Japan is in the list of top 50 IT companies. By 2020, FPT Japan aims to become one of the 20 largest technology companies in Japan and Japan’s second-largest SI (Systems Integrator) system with estimated sales of USD 500 million and 3,000 staff. Mr. Hoa revealed that in 2018, FPT Japan plans to open offices in Shizouka and Hiroshima.

According to Tran Dang Hoa, in the past 2 years, FPT Japan has always been growing significantly from 300 to 1,000 employees. The proportion of revenue and benefit also increased remarkably from 45% to 60% this year. The record of large projects are constantly improving, from USD 7 million in 2016 to USD 35 million this year.
Mr, Hoa shared a photo with guests and media on the sidelines of the event.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Koji Takimoto- Chief Representative of JETRO office in Ho Chi Minh City said that this is the second time JETRO  hold this series of events. JETRO focused on supporting Japanese businesses investing overseas and is also interested in supporting foreign businesses investing in Japan.

Although Vietnam has reached remarkable achievements in terms of economic development, Vietnamese enterprises have not clearly demonstrated the strength of their investment in Japan.

According to statistics from JETRO, the investment capital from Japan to Vietnam is USD 8.5 billion. However, investment capital from Vietnam in Japan is only about USD 7.5 million with 49 projects, lower compared to the investment in other countries.

Talking about opportunities for Vietnamese businesses to invest in Japan, Mr. Maeda Shigeki, Vice President of JETRO, said there are many potential areas for Vietnamese enterprises to invest such as IT and tourism.

Regarding to th the green card scheme, Mr. Shigeki Maeda, JETRO Vice President, affirmed policy preferences for high-level human resources. “If the human resources meet the standards, they will receive a permanent residence visa only after one year of work,” said JETRO vice president.

Source: Chungta.vn & FPT Corporation