FPT to hold workshop on IoT Application in Logistics

New information about the IoT revolution in logistics will be shared by Mr. Dev- Network Security Specialist of YokoGawa (India) at the seminar “IoT Application in Logistics” organized by FPT Academy International on June 23.

In the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0, IoT has been applied widely in daily life, many industries and services including the logistics. Understanding and applying IoT in logistics, especially in the transportation of frozen goods such as trucks, automobiles, smart trucks, unmanned aircraft, etc. will certainly help businesses save time and effort, as well as increase productivity. On the other hand, IoT and its useful inventions also makes people passionate on technology and desire to be creative.

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New, interesting and informative share by network security expert on “IoT revolution” in the field of logistics will be presented at the seminar “IoT Application in Logistics” organized by FPT Academy International.

“IoT Application in Logistics” workshop will be held on the morning of June 23, 2018 in No 8, Ton That Thuyet, Hanoi.

According to representatives of FPT Academy International, all enterprises are looking forward to find the optimal solution in manufacturing and transporting goods, as well as young people who love technology and want to explore and learn about IoT; can attend the event. At this workshop, delegates will share the general information on IoT application in Logistic.

The representatives of FPT Academy International also shared that Mr. Dev – Network Security Specialist of YokoGawa (India) is an expert in integrating IoT & Microsoft technologies based on the Azure cloud platform; joining in Cisco Networks & Security training for Tata Power & Mazgaon Port (Mumbai); implementing Microsoft solutions for CFB, SonAngol and Lobito port networking solutions. He also has experience in conducting several workshops on Cloud Computing and IoT technology integration for the Maharashtra State Technical Education Council.

Source: FPT Education