FPT held “Recruitment & HR Management” workshop

FPT Greenwich Vietnam recently held “Recruitment & HR Management” workshop in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of Mr. Tran Van Quoc – Head of Personnel Training and Development at Navigos Search, Ms. Duong Hoang Phuc – Human Resources Manager of Friesland Campina, lecturer Nguyen Mai Lan and more than 50 students from FPT Greenwich University (Vietnam).

greenwich workshop

The workshop provided students information on recruitment demand, labor shortage indicators and unemployment rates in different industries to help students evaluate their opportunities and challenges upon graduation. This also helps students know and understand the reality so they can prepare a plan and strategy to study properly for themselves.

During the workshop, Mr. Tran Van Quoc shared his experiences not in the position of recruiter and HR manager but as a job seeker for students. In addition, he also discussed with students about self-awareness. Accordingly, students must know what they want, what type of job they prefer as well as how to accept the reality, and constantly improve their experience in order to orient their career path and achieving their goal.

The workshop also honored the participation of Ms. Duong Hoang Phuc, Human Resources Manager of Friesland Campina. Ms. Phuc encouraged students to dare to choose, to experience and to fail but will achieve success. That success will be built from the process of realizing what is to be achieved and the lessons of the failure.

“I’m quite wondering about the the unemployment rate of new graduates and overseas students so how do students should prepare?,” Nguyen Duy Thang, a senior student in Business Administration, shared with lecturers and students in the workshop

Answering Duy Thanh’s question, Mr. Tran Van Quoc reaffirmed the importance of self- awareness. “Let’s start slowly with simple steps and experience. Only experience and networking can make you realize your strengths and weaknesses,” said Mr. Tuan. “While Vietnamese market lacks of talent and excesses of incompetent people, the only way is making yourself become a competent staff”.

This also ended the workshop with big applause. The students were partly provided the knowledge and they started to feel the responsibility for their learning and development. 

Source: FPT Greenwich