FPT Greenwich shakes hands with 40 businesses

University of Greenwich (Vietnam) as known as FPT Greenwich recently signed a cooperation agreement with 40 enterprises in the fields of technology, applications, software, finance, media, communication, etc., opening the opportunity for students to experience business model, internship and job opportunities.

The signing ceremony between the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) and 40 enterprises in the fields of technology, applications, software, finance, media, communication, etc. recently took place on January 27.

Mr. Le Anh Tuan- Director at University of Greenwich (Vietnam) started the signing ceremony.

“The University of Greenwich (Vietnam) has always highlighted training associated with business practices. We believed that graduates must go to work early,” said Mr. Le Anh Tuan- Director of the University of Greenwich (Vietnam). “Therefore, the university needs to corporate with businesses to bring more job opportunities for students, give feedback to the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) to improve our training program, enhance the quality of students after graduation, contributing to improve the competitiveness of students and quality labor of enterprises”.

“The curriculum at the University of Greenwich (UK) not only focuses on theoretical, research and practical aspects but also provides a broad range of necessary skills to support the career development of students,” said Raj Dass- a representative from the University of Greenwich (UK).

The University of Greenwich (Vietnam) signed a cooperation agreement with 40 businesses, opening up opportunities for students. Among them, CBRE Vietnam- one of the world’s largest real estate service companies, is listed on the top 500 companies in the world by Fortune and S&P.

Through the cooperation, University of Greenwich (Vietnam) has become a bridge between business and young students. Accordingly, it is responsible to connect students with businesses through visiting and providing internship information in these enterprises. This helps students to get jobs immediately and suitable with the field of study.

Being one of the International University Partners of University of Greenwich across the world, University of Greenwich in Vietnam (Alliance with FPT Education) offers an unique opportunity for students to have the best of both worlds: a world-class undergraduate education at an affordable cost. Tuition fee is of 1/3 equivalent to that of the UK and other developed countries. Students who participate in this program will receive the same degree bestowed by the University of Greenwich as received by students who study on campus at Greenwich, United Kingdom.

The courses are offered by FPT Greenwich under regular supervision of the University of Greenwich. It provides students the industry-related, up-to-date knowledge, certified by international standards, that is required for entering the highly competitive employment market.

Graduates from FPT Greenwich have a high chance of finding employment in many areas of business, such as IT Management, Business Computing consultancy, Project Management, Internet and e-Commerce Applications, Marketing Executive, Event Manager, Financial Executive, etc.

Source: FPT Education