FPT Greenwich launched Student Support Club

On the afternoon of May 16, at University of Greenwich (Vietnam) normally called FPT Greenwich, Student Support Club was officially launched. This is a part of activities to support students in learning held by Training Department and Student Affair Department.

The Student Support Club was officially launched at Hanoi Campus from Summer Semester in 2018 to support students who do not have good academic result. The project is expected to help students not only catch up with the knowledge in the classroom but also create learning opportunities and rewrite the article when students fail. In addition, this also helps good students to participate more deeply in professional activities as well as accumulate more points when considering outstanding students at the end of the period. Most importantly, this is one of the positive activities that contribute to reduce the proportion of students failing exams.

When participating in the club, the mentors will guide the students to improve their performance. The result of the guidance will be self-assessment and the final decision will be made by the teacher.

The interview with the students who wanted to join the club as a teaching assistant or mentor was held in a very serious atmosphere. During the interview, they selected the topic and had a certain amount of time to persuade the teachers about their knowledge.

“I’m very interested in this program. In addition to helping other students, this is also a precious chance for me to improve my knowledge,” said Mr. Vu Manh Cuong (IT student) who applied for a teaching assistant position in English. “I hope I can pass the interview today so that I can officially enter the project as a teaching assistant”.

Hopefully, with the launching of this club, the learning environment at the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) will be developed.

Source: University of Greenwich (Vietnam)