FPT to Get Hat-Trick at Annual Reports Awards

Overcoming 638 enterprises, FPT is an enterprise achieving a troop of awards in the 10-year history of prestigious awards.

On July 25, Hochiminh City Stock Exchange, Hanoi City Stock Exchange, Vietnam Investment Review and Dragon Capital held 2017 Annual Reports Awards and Celebration of 10 years of the award.

Deputy Director of FPT HCM - Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung (second from the left) received the award from Mr. Tran Van Dung, Chairman of the State Securities Commission.
Deputy Director of FPT HCM – Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung (second from the left) received the award from Mr. Tran Van Dung, Chairman of the State Securities Commission.

This year, FPT was awarded three categories: Top 10 Annual Reports; The Best Corporate Social Responsibility Report, and Top 3 Successive Companies were honored in the Top 10 Brands category.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Trong Minh, Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Investment Review, co-head of the organizing committee, said the voting of Annual Reports has developed to become a prestigious award for listed companies on the whole market, updated in accordance with the latest laws and good international practices.

“Throughout the year, the transparency, creativity and standards in the making of Annual Reports of enterprises throughout the market have many positive changes. The content of many Annual Reports is not limited to financial information but also non-financial information is increasingly being promoted and expanded to provide investors with a fuller view of their operations.”, Mr. Minh emphasized.

2017 is the 10th that Annual Reports has compiled and developed jointly with Vietnam Stock Market. This year’s poll also has many new features compared to previous years, for example, refinancing criteria have been adjusted to comply with the new regulations in Circular 155 of the Ministry of Finance on information disclosure in the stock market; a more rigorous selection process involving in the participation of four leading international auditing companies in the role of reviewing pre-selection results to select the final report list.

The vote also includes the bonus for reports prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Report in English version. FPT is a small number of enterprises that meet all these criteria at a high level.

According to the organizers, the scores in the preliminary round, the number of companies getting from 50 points (on a scale of 100 points or more) accounts for 75%, the medium score of the preliminary round of the report in 2017 is also higher nearly 4% compared with the last year. In the preliminary round, 638 enterprises were scored with the review of four big auditing companies. The selection committee selected 125 enterprises to finalize the final round. Finally, the organizers selected the top 50 Best Companies to honor 2017 Annual Report Awards.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Van Dung, Chairman of the State Securities Commission, hopes the Annual Report will expand the company’s audience, sources used in the report, the scope of assessment, evaluation of documents, shareholders’ meeting documents, etc. in the next year so that the vote goes into the focus and deeper into the corporate governance assessment. In addition, the voting form should also include the Internet Report Award for all investors to participate.

Since 2008, the Annual Report Awards have honored 13 enterprises, including the largest brands such as FPT, Hau Giang Pharmacy, Vietnam Milk … Since then, FPT has consistently been in the Top 10.

Credit: Xuan Phuong (Chungta.vn)