FPT establishes Digital Transformation Consulting Company

Established to complete the digital transformation ecosystem that FPT provides to customers, FPT Digital has become the ninth member company of FPT Corporation. Mr. Hoang Viet Anh was assigned as the Chairman while Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang is the CEO of FPT Digital.


On February 22, FPT officially established FPT Digital company, specializing in providing digital transformation consultancy services to businesses. This is the ninth member company of FPT Corporation established with the aim of perfecting FPT’s digital transformation service ecosystem for customer enterprises, stretching from roadmap consulting to providing digital solutions.

The Corporation has also appointed FPT Digital’s leaders including Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – Chairman; Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang – General Director; Mr. Le Hung Cuong – Director of Digital Transformation; and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy – Chief Operations Officer (COO).

FPT Digital is the next company of FPT established in the Covid-19 period, after FPT Smart Cloud in August 2020.

Sharing at the launching ceremony of FPT Digital, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh said that digital transformation is an important sector of the country and FPT, in which consultation is especially important. “It is also the starting point for us to work with businesses. The corporation is full of hope in this new unit and has nurtured during the past 2 years. Hopefully, with this leadership, the 9th company will fulfill its mission,” Mr. Truong Gia Binh said.

The establishment of FPT Digital means bringing digital transformation consulting to a new chapter, FPT CEO Nguyen Van Khoa also expressed his hope that the company found that the Covid-19 period will bring the true wartime spirit to operate effective results.

On the other hand, FPT Digital President also is CEO of FPT Telecom Hoang Viet Anh said that the company is fully aware of its importance in the entire FPT value chain and commits to fulfilling its assigned mission. Sharing that point of view, FPT Digital CEO Tran Huy Bao Giang affirmed that the company team will change their minds, find ways to turn the dreams of the digital transformation of individuals and organizations into reality.

FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh awarded the decision to establish the company and the decision to appoint FPT Digital’s leaders.

By applying the most optimal technology trends and business models in the world combined with the FPT Digital Kaizen ™ methodology proven through successful projects, FPT Digital provides private services Digital transformation roadmap for customer businesses, helping them operate more efficiently, and at the same time promoting new business initiatives that better align with customer needs.

FPT Digital’s digital transformation consulting service includes 3 areas: Consulting on comprehensive digital transformation, Consulting on developing digital human resources, and Consulting on developing information technology systems (IT).

Leaders of FPT Corporation and leaders of FPT Digital in the launching ceremony.

FPT Digital consults Digital Transformation of businesses based on FPT Digital Kaizen ™ Digital Transformation Methodology. This methodology is summarized from more than 30 years operating in the IT field of FPT and the actual digital transformation implementation experience in many leading enterprises in the world by the Digital Transformation Advisory Board that FPT adjusted for Vietnamese businesses.

FPT Digital was established on the basis of its predecessor, the Digital Transformation Advisory Board under FPT Corporation, specializing in providing digital transformation consulting services within FPT and to external customers. FPT hopes that the establishment of FPT Digital Company will boost revenue in digital transformation consulting, creating momentum for FPT’s technology consulting services segment in general in the future.

Source: Chungta.vn