FPT Education to provide high-quality workforce in Industry 4.0

In the Industry 4.0, candidates who have a competitive advantage with global workforce are not only well-qualified knowledge but also need foreign languages, soft skills and work experience.

Tran Hoang Nam (in red T- shirt) with his friends in South Korea.
Tran Hoang Nam (in red T-shirt) with his friends in South Korea.

Many graduates with excellent degrees and academic performance could not find appropriate jobs due to lack of experience and confidence.

In the integration age, candidates must create a difference besides the knowledge, soft skills, language and practical work experience in order to compete with the quality workforce from all over the world.

Good foreign language opens great career opportunities

In a Jobstreets survey, 95% of employers are willing to pay 30% higher salaries to candidates who are able to speak foreign languages.

Foreign language is one of the essential elements of a global citizen. Therefore, many universities are beginning to focus on language training for students. At FPT University, in addition to English, students can consider studying Japanese or Chinese depending on the subject area. Frequent classes with listening to lectures, using materials, and doing homework in English, as well as an exchange program in other countries, has improved the language skill of FPT students.

All students of FPT University have a chance to work in an enterprise when they were 3rd- year student.
All students of FPT University have a chance to work in an enterprise when they were 3rd- year student.

Tran Hoang Nam- one of six Vietnamese students who got the scholarship from Myongji University this year has a special attraction on FPT University’s full English program. “What I like the best is the preliminary English course before taking main courses,” Mr. Nam shared. Many students, who felt nervous about the full academic program in English, also do not need to worry too much because of this period of preparation. “Without Top Notch and Summit, I could not be confident to explore the world,” Nam proudly stated.

Competent soft skills – advantage to integrate into the working environment

The learning environment needs to explore and maximize the potential of each student. Exciting activities, clubs, classes, etc. allowed students to practice soft skills.

FPTU Career Day held annually has brought quality jobs as well as developed CV writing skills and interviews for students.
FPTU Career Day held annually has brought quality jobs as well as developed CV writing skills and interviews for students.

Tran Huy Trung, CEO of Bettetcare, highlighted the important role of networking. He has built network since he was a students by joining in the social activities of the clubs or groups at FPT University. “Participating in the student union, university’s activities and organizing events are the useful method to accumulate the knowledge and experience as well as building good relationships,” Trung said.

“In an organization, graduates of FPT University are more prominent than other students due to their soft skill and enthusiasm in company events and activities,” Ms. Nguyen Tran Nghia – Chief Officer of Human Resource at Altplus Vietnam shared in a recruitment workshop.

Practical work experience – the secret to impressing employers

Businesses often require experienced candidates so many graduates are often unsuitable. In contrast, a number of students were recruited when studying at the university. 100% of FPT University students soon accessed to the actual work environment through the OJT (On Job Training) program at the enterprises.

“After 4- month internship, students are not allowed to say ‘don’t know’ as they have to try their best to work and collect basic knowledge,” Tran Duc Tam – Former student of FPT University and staff at NTQ Solution said.

Internship at the 3rd year of university is a great advantage for FPT University students to overcome the hard requirements of employers and avoid surprise when start working.

According to the recruiters, graduates of FPT University grasp and acknowledge tasks much faster than other students. “In addition to basic knowledge and skills, FPT University students are hard-working, enthusiastic, fast thinking, and good presentation so it does not take much time for training,” Mr. Tran Trung Hieu, CEO of Top CV shared.

In conclusion, a good candidate in the labor market in the industry 4.0 must fulfill soft skills, foreign languages and practical work experience along with proficient knowledge. These are what FPT University has been doing for its students to create different advantages compared to other candidates in the global labor market.

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