FPT Education to organize photography contest

Photography contest will be taken place from October 24 to November 6 for all students of FPT Education.

The contest aims to help learners to discover and understand the dynamic learning environments of FPT Education. Participants are students of FPT Education institutions, including FPT University, University of Greenwich (Vietnam), FPT Polytechnic, FPT BTEC International College, FUNiX, FPT Arena, FPT Jetking, FPT. Aptech, FPT Skillking and Nanoversity.

FPT Edu launches a photo and video contest titled “a unique university”.

Contestants are required to submit their photos/videos and vote from October 24 to November 2. Organizers will announce the results on November 6. Photos or videos submissions must include sharing showing the unique point of the school that has been inspiring students. Participants must send to fptedu2018@gmail.com, including name, student ID, institution, phone number and Facebook link.

Only one photo or video can be submitted. Candidates are responsible for the copyright of their submission. Photo or video must have a clear content, not violate the law or contrary to customs and culture.

The winners are selected by like or share. The score is as follows: 1 like equals to 2 points, 1 share corresponds to 3 points. Each Facebook account is allowed to share one time. Photo or video cheating shares will be removed by the organizers.

Students who get 1000 points per person can get VND 1 million while those who get 2,000 points and 4,000 points could get VND 2 million and VND 5 million, respectively. The total value is up to VND 15 million.

Source: FPT Education