FPT Education to organize Hackathon for IT students

On April 10, FPT Education officially announced the first FPT Edu Hackathon contest, for IT students with prize up to VND 300 million (USD 13,155).

To kick off the first season as well as encourage creativity and the ability on applying technology to solve the practical problems of students, FPT Edu Hackathon chose the topic for its first season as the Internet of Things. With inspiration from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the contest requires each team to develop ideas to create applications that bring IoT into real life, giving users the power to experience life-enhancing technologies.

2018 is the first year of the FPT Edu Hackathon.

FPT Edu Hackathon is organized under the world famous hackathon model. Accordingly, contestants must develop a completed technology product in a short time in a team of 3-4 players and overcome three rounds of competition: qualifying round, preliminary round and final round.

In term of qualifying round, the judge will evaluate the ability of the teams based on the contest ideas and results on Codefights to select teams. These teams will participate in interviews to select 14 teams that have the idea and the ability which could apply the best technology to the final round.

In the final round, teams will research and develop products in 48 hours then demo and present products before the judge. Candidates may prepare their ideas designs beforehand, but the entire programming phase must be done during the competition.

“We hope students to solve small problems before learning their deeper academic knowledge,” said Mr. Phan Truong Lam- Head of Technology for the competition. “Students are also expected to make real products for a limited time because this is the real requirements when they start to work”. He also shared that the contest will be held annually for other students in Vietnam as well.

Teams can register for FPT Edu Hackathon 2018 from April 10. The final round of the contest will take place on June 9-10 at Hoa Lac campus of FPT Education in Hanoi. The total value of the FPT Edu Hackathon 2018 prize is VND 300 million. The first prize winners will receive a prize worth 30 million VND including the opportunity to visit and study in Singapore.

Hackathon is an event which developers and people in the software development industry such as graphic designers, interface designers, project managers will collaborate to complete a software project.

Hackathon has become a favorite trend in recent years in the field of technology. These contests have brought a lot of valuable products. Facebook’s Like button and chat function are the product of internal Hackathon contest. Another successful Hackathon product is GroupMe, which was bought for USD 80 million by Skype in 2011.

Source: FPT Education