FPT Education to organize FPT Edu Biz Talent

On November 6, FPT Education officially announced the first FPT Edu Biz competition with the award worth up to VND 200 million (USD 9,000).

35,000 students of FPT Education have a chance to win the prize up to VND 175 million (USD 7,600) in FPT Edu Biz Talent 2018.

With the aim of encouraging FPT Edu students to be ready for business start-ups and job opportunities, FPT Edu Biz Talent 2018 will be held with the theme “Sharing Economy”.

FPT Edu Biz Talent 2018 is a business competition, developed based the model of major business contests in the world. Participants will brainstorm new business ideas and convert ideas into real projects.

The notable point of the competition is that the students will develop the idea following the advice of excellent experts. At the same time, they also have chance to negotiate directly with entrepreneurs and investors on the business model, capital needs and future development potential of their products. This is a playground for young people to have the opportunity to collaborate with reputable experts and build a highly feasible business project.

FPT Edu Biz Talent is a big playground for 33,000 students of FPT Education to compete and learn how to handle business problems.

“Recently, the sharing economy model has impacted strongly on the economy, changing the behavior of many global business models. FPT Edu Biz Talent aims to bring new products and services to improve business performance and serve the development needs of the society,” a representative of FPT Education shared.

In FPT Edu Biz Talent 2018, each team with 3-5 members will compete in three rounds including Idea Brainstorming, Completion and Final.

In the Idea Brainstorming Round, the organizer will assess the competency of the teams based on idea video presentation. Each team will clarify detail of the product, identify the target audience and segment, present the size and market trends, find competitors and alternative products, etc. 30 teams will enter the competition round with the advice from professional experts. In the final round, the teams will show their business knowledge and social knowledge about the economy and persuade the organizers to call for funding for the project.

Source: FPT Education