FPT Education Global holds Homecoming day for international students

On the morning of January 9, at FPT Education Global office (Hanoi campus), “Homecoming” event recently took place for all international students of FPT Education. The event is not only a place for students to look back on a turbulent but exciting 2020 in Vietnam, but also an opportunity to share experiences and lifestyle from expatriates, from fellow countrymen living together on a country that is a continent away from their homeland.

“Homecoming” is for all international students who have been studying at FPT Education.

At 9am, the organizers of “Homecoming” open to check-in and welcome the first students. Most of the students from Laos, Nigeria and Vietnam, were extremely eager to participate in the most anticipated event in early 2021. The event was led by the former Dean of FPT Education Global – Mr. Hoang Van Cuong.

At the beginning of the event, two students including Ms. Aline and Mr. Lio performed the song about the “comradeship of Vietnam – Laos” in both languages: Vietnamese and Lao. After that, the students shared and spoke very frankly about their personal lives and the lessons they have accumulated in Vietnam. “Currently I am working as a freelance programmer and English teacher for several centers in Hanoi. The year 2020 may be full of turmoil, but I’m lucky to be in Vietnam, at least for now, we don’t have to wear a mask and practice social disparity like many other countries. It has been a blessing for all of us sitting here,” Alumni Maxwell George shared.

International students listen to the representative of FPT Edu Global

“Homecoming” had many interesting activities connecting international students, and made them feel like they were back in their 2nd house. “We really felt like going home, thanks to FPT for letting us meet and sit together like this,” – Mr. Mohammad Awwal Hussein, an Alumni, shared after the event.

The challenge “Spring rolls” is interesting but causes a lot of difficulties for students.

The organizers have also prepared some small challenges for the participating students. Students are divided into 2 teams with an equal number of members. Of which, they joined a total of 3 challenges and in each respective challenge, each team will choose 1 student to complete. In the first challenge – answering questions about Vietnam – the team that won and got the first is Homecoming. Shortly thereafter, the Homestaying team had a revenge when winning the second challenge – making Vietnamese spring rolls for 15 members. In the last challenge – the dance challenge on free music – FPT Education Global’s staff is hard to choose who is the winner, the contestants of both teams bring their own color, creating excitement for the audience. The challenge ends with an overall tie.

Gifts, souvenirs and photos are carefully prepared.

The event ends but FPT Education Global hopes that the memories of Homecoming 2021 will become an unforgettable milestone in the time international students live, study and work in Vietnam.

In charge of recruiting international students to study at FPT Education, FPT Edu Global has brought the opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam to hundreds of students in countries such as Nigeria, Laos, Ghana, Cameroon, Japan, and Korea. In addition, FPT Edu Global is also the unit in charge of developing student exchange programs, recruiting & organizing training short-term courses (study, internships) for international students coming to Vietnam. Currently, FPT Edu Global maintains cooperation relations with 180 partners in 34 countries around the world, annually receiving more than 1000 foreign students to study and practice short-term in Vietnam. Prominent is from countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Australia, France, Germany, USA, etc.