FPT Education campuses reopening after coronavirus lockdown

FPT Education is pleased to announce that all FPT campuses are preparing to reopen this May. Accordingly, Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam) will welcome students coming back to school on May 11. Meanwhile, students of FPT University and University of Greenwich (Vietnam) will return to school on May 18.

Unfortunately, Vietnam still suspends the issue of new visas for all foreign nationals to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, international students still have other options to chase their dream on higher education. 

FPT Education Global launches online degree and virtual internship programs for international students from all over the world, helping them keep pursuing their higher education and gaining new and exciting experiences with practical skills throughout online courses. 

Accordingly, students will have a chance to gain an FPT University degree completely online at lower tuition fees. After completing the first three certificates, they also get transfer options. Click here for further information! 

Students across Vietnam started returning to their classrooms Monday that had been closed to curb the coronavirus. 

Students are required to wear masks, among other measures to minimize the spread of the virus.

Vietnam has confirmed 271 coronavirus cases. It has not reported any new case in the community for nearly three weeks. 

All educational institutions were closed at the beginning of February when the first cases were reported in the country and all learning was moved online. Last month, the country imposed travel restrictions and closed businesses for three weeks.