FPT Education announces September Intake 2020 admission

FPT Education Global is pleased to open the admission of September Intake 2020 to welcome back international students. 

HANOI- Vietnam’s robust response and its strong public health system have enabled its success in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The economy is slowly recovering from the impacts of Covid-19 and social distancing in April as rising consumption and manufacturing figures in May indicate. 

The country is expected to reopen soon by allowing the immigration office to process visas for international students. With these positive signs, FPT Education Global is pleased to open the admission of September Intake 2020 to welcome back international students. 

However, with complicated movements and uncertainty of coronavirus, the local authority required international students to follow a 14-day quarantine to protect the health of not only the local community but also international students.

Therefore, FPT Education grants 3 options of study plan to help international pursue their dream of learning abroad as below.

Option 1: Getting a visa in June/July and travelling to Vietnam in July/August with a quarantine fee. All conditions mentioned below are a must if you choose this option.

  • Time for quarantine: 14 days
  • Place for quarantine: 4-star hotels 
  • Total cost for 14-day quarantine: USD 1,400 (pay before doing visa)*
  • A compulsory health insurance is required before arrival to Vietnam. 


+ This cost is for the 14-day quarantine period at a hotel appointed by the Vietnamese government. It might change due to the availability of appointed hotels. 

+  Students will be offered free accommodation from 4 months – 1 year as special promotion for September 2020 Intake (for FPTU Da Nang’s programs only).

Option 2: Studying online for the first semester and getting a 20% deduction for tuition fee (offered for FPTU Da Nang’s programs only).

You will still stay in your country and start your first semester by studying and taking exams online. We will offer 20% tuition fee deduction for this semester.

Option 3: Deferring your admission to January 2021.

In this case, we will remain all the fees despite the tuition fee might increase in 2021. 

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our admission team for further information!

Vietnam – a developing country that has a large land border with China, relatively low income and a population of 97 million people – has not reported a single death from coronavirus and only 342 cases. 

Vietnam has done well in detecting and curbing Covid-19 infection, and its health sector is coping easily. While the mortality numbers climb into the hundreds of thousands across the world, Vietnam has managed to contain the outbreak of coronavirus through timeliness, aggressive infection control, mass mobilisation of its population and an unprecedented level of openness. 

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