FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 – Finding a technology solution using AI for image recognition

On January 5, FPT Education – FPT Edu officially launched FPT Edu Hackathon season 3 with the “Using AI for ImageImage Recognition” theme to encourage students to find artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are highly applied in image processing. This is the largest competition at FPT Edu for students who are passionate about Information Technology with a total prize value of over VND 150 million.

According to a 2019 report by Deloitte, the growth rate of AI image recognition technology is 45 per cent with a scale of over USD 8 billion. This huge number is understandable because this is a technology with great potential and is applied in many different important areas of life such as Traffic Safety, Health, Security, National defense, etc.

The organizer of FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 stated that this current and future technology has almost limitless application as an interesting science and technology to help students of FPT Edu show their ability as well as innovative thinking. That is also the reason why FPT Edu chose “Using AI for Image recognition” as the theme for FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 – the largest programming contest for FPT Edu students who have a passion for information technology.

FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 selected the “Using AI for Image Recognition” theme.

FPT Edu Hackathon is organized following the famous Hackathon model of the world and divided into two groups. Group A consists of students from FPT University, University of Greenwich (Vietnam), Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam). Meanwhile, Group B is for students from FPT Aptech, FPT Arena, FPT Jetking, BTEC International College, FPT Polytechnic College, and FPT High School.

Participants will compete in a team model. Of which, each team consists of 3 – 4 members, going through 3 rounds of competition including the Idea Filtering Round, the Preliminary Round and the Final Round.

In the Filtering Round, the Board of Judges will evaluate the team’s capabilities based on the ideas of the teams that have been registered before and the results of the online programming competition to select 28 teams to enter the preliminary round.

Then, teams will present their ideas to the Professional Council in the Preliminary Round to select 14 teams to win the ticket to enter the Final round. Here, the best teams from 2 groups will research and develop products together for 24 consecutive hours. Then, the teams will perform product demos and product presentations to the Professional Council at FPT Edu campus Hoa Lac.

FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 is a place where contestants are connected with many qualified and prestigious mentors.

The products are evaluated by a professional council consisting of many experts in the information technology field in general and artificial intelligence in particular. In addition to exam assessment, experts also have the role of professional advisors, participating in orientating and supporting teams throughout the competition.

The total prize value of FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 is more than VND 150 million. In which, 2 first prize teams in each group will receive VND 30 million per prize; 2 Second Prize teams will receive VND 20 million each and 2 Third Prize teams will receive VND 10 million per prize. Additionally,1 Prospect team receives VN 5 million and many other attractive prizes for the teams in the Filtering round and Preliminary round.

With the experience from the previous seasons, FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 promises to be a booming playground for creativity for many technological talents.

“This is not the first time that ‘Using AI for image recognition’ has become the subject of a technology competition,” said Mr. Phan Truong Lam – Specialist Head at FPT Edu Hackathon 2021. “However, this poses a relatively difficult and interesting problem to spark the creativity of young people who are passionate about information technology. I believe with this topic, this year’s contest will appear many new, unique and highly applicable technology solutions in life”.

From January 5, teams can register to join FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 here. The final round of the contest is expected to take place on 13-14 March 2021 at FPT University, Hoa Lac campus.

FPT Edu Hackathon is a programming contest for students of the entire FPT Education (FPT Edu) in all parts of the country, organized following the famous Hackathon model of the world. The challenge of the contest is that the contestants have to develop a technology product in a short time, compete for the speed, creativity and perfection of the application to solve the problem posed by the contest. 

Entering the third year, FPT Edu Hackathon 2021 chose a topic of potential, unlimited applicability and global trend – Using AI for Image recognition as an interesting problem to help elicit creativity for FPT Edu students.

The contest has 3 rounds including the Idea filtering round, Preliminary round and Final round with a total prize value of more than VND 150 million.

Time to receive registration: 5 January 2021 – 5 February 2021

Registration link: https://forms.gle/HwJv3HRQ7EaBzq8D7

Find out more information about the contest: https://fpt.edu.vn/hackathon/