FPT Edu Color Up 2020 returns with prizes up to more than VND 120 million

The graphic design contest of the whole FPT Education – FPT Edu Color Up season 2 officially kicked-off with the “Touch” theme. This year’s contestants will compete in 2 categories including Digital Design and Graphic Design. The total prize for the whole contest is more than VND 120 million.

FPT Edu Color Up is the biggest graphic design competition of the year for students of FPT Education (FPT Edu). This is a new playground to seek and develop talents in the graphic design field of FPT Edu.

FPT Edu Color Up 2020 hopes with the “Touch” theme, each contestant will use graphics as a useful tool to convey meaningful messages, arouse emotions, warm hearts and touch people’s feelings. Each contest is expected to be a bridge that connects and touches the community through unique artistic language and thinking.

This year, the contestants will continue to compete in two types including Digital Design and Graphic Design in the form of individual or team competitions. Of which, each team does not exceed 3 members. Individuals and teams will create a folder on Google Drive under the <Group name / work name> syntax and send it to the registration link: https://forms.gle/q9t12cpgT2VJK8ACA.

The registration period for the contest lasts until November 28, 2020. Top 15 per category will be announced on December 17, 2020. It is known that by participating in FPT Edu Color Up 2020, contestants will have the opportunity to experience professional challenges that bring a lot of experiences throughout the competition and the two-day final in Hanoi.

At the final round on December 30, 2020, candidates from all regions will gather at FPT Hoa Lac campus to exhibit their works as well as present to the professional council to determine rankings.

The total prize for the whole competition is up to more than VND 120 million. In which, there will be 1 First prize worth VND 30 million, 1 Second prize worth VND 20 million, 1 Third prize worth 10 million VND and 3 additional prizes worth VND 1 million per prize.

To follow detailed information about FPT Edu ColorUp 2020, interested students can send an email to global@fe.edu.vn

FPT Edu ColorUp is the biggest annual graphic design competition for all students of FPT Education (FPT Edu). The contest wants to build a playground to help students experience, learn, exchange, improve their professional skills as well as essential soft skills in the Graphic Design industry.

With a total prize of more than VND120 million and a series of challenges specially designed to sharpen the skills for candidates, FPT Edu ColorUp 2020 will witness the fierce competition of the contestants in the Design Industry through two boards including Digital Design and Graphic Design.

The important milestones of the contest:

  • Preliminary round: November 11 – December 11, 2020
  • Announcement of Top 15 per board: December 17, 2020
  • Final round: December 30, 2020

Link to register for the contest: https://forms.gle/q9t12cpgT2VJK8ACA

Digital Design:

  • Short movie over 90s, size below 500MB, MOV/MP4 format
  • Ideas present with no more than 400 words in PDF format

Graphic Design:

  • 01 Poster or poster set of PDF or JPG files, not exceeding 400 words in size in PDF format
  • Ideas present with no more than 400 words in PDF format

Submission method:

  • Word file containing the name of the work, group of authors and description of the idea/design must not exceed 400 words in PDF format.
  • Create a Folder Drive <group name / work name> and save the files as required above to send to the organizers according to the contest registration link.