FPT to Deploy Digital Maps for Hanoi City

FPT Corporation will help Hanoi to realize the specific mathematical problems of ICT, Telecommunications and Education, under the strategic cooperation agreement on ICT and Telecommunications application signed by the two sides in the conference “Ha Noi 2017 – Investment and Development Cooperation”, on June  25’s morning.

Total of investment value of FPT from now to 2020 is VND 2,200 billion. In particular, FPT will deploy intelligent transportation system for Hanoi City and propose the model of leasing IT services. The Group will be responsible for all aspects of the system investment, operation, and maintenance, etc. The total investment capital for the construction of the Smart Transport System in Hanoi is expected to be VND 1.7 trillion.

According to the plan, FPT will develop a digital map, providing people and agencies with comprehensive information on real-time traffic conditions; a list of transport infrastructure devices (such as bus stations, notice board …) integrate with public transport in Hanoi city. At the same time, people are also able to directly reflect or receive information about traffic status through interactive tools automatically, chatbot.

On June 25’s morning, Hanoi City and FPT Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the application of information technology and telecommunication in the period of 2017-2020.

The Hanoi Intelligent Transportation System is proposed by FPT to meet 10 main functions as stated in Announcement 484 / TB-UBND on May 29, 1977, including Transportation Information System for Transportation Participants and State Management Agencies; Business Management System, Condition of Business and Licensing of Automobile Transportation Business; Road Traffic Infrastructure Management System; Traffic Control System with Signal Lights; the System of Monitoring and Dealing with Image Violations; Intelligent Security System; Traffic Environmental Pollution Management and Monitoring System; The system of tolls that regulate and restrict means of transport into some urban areas in the form of automatic non-stop; Intelligent Traffic Management Software System; System of Security and Data Security.

In addition to transport, telecommunications and education are also mentioned within the framework of cooperation agreements. In the field of telecommunications, FPT plans to invest VND 500 billion for the construction of underground telecommunication cable laying works and underground technical infrastructure for common use.

In the field of education, FPT University actively coordinated with Department of Information and Communication and Department of Planning and Investment to develop training programs, organize training courses to improve IT skills for staff of the city; train human resources for small and medium enterprises.

The second “Investment and Development Cooperation” Conference was held at Lotte Hotel with the participation of Prime Minister – Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Secretary of Ha Noi Party Committee – Mr. Hoang Trung Hai, Chairman of Hanoi City – Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, ministries, representatives of diplomatic missions, organizations, associations and 800 investors, domestic and foreign enterprises.

Party Secretary – Mr. Hoang Trung Hai said that Hanoi has made positive changes since 2016. Provincial Competitiveness Index of Hanoi increased by 10, ranking 14 out of 63 provinces. IT and Telecommunications Readiness Index ranked the second in the country.

However, the city is facing the challenges of medical overhaul, public transport; telecommunications … the key to the metropolitan issue is the cooperation with businesses.

Total investment of FPT is VND 2,200 billion.

Chairman of Hanoi City – Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung emphasized: “Hanoi attaches great importance to social investment” to synchronize water, transport, health and education solutions; building a smart city … in the period 2017-2020.

He also appealed both domestic and foreign investors to invest in Hanoi, giving the priority to new technology projects, high-tech projects and agriculture.

CEO of FPT IS – Mr. Pham Minh Tuan said that the cooperation agreement with Hanoi City was a step forward for FPT. “FPT wants to cooperate with Hanoi City for 10 years,” he said. The head of FPT IS also revealed that the unit has a cooperation project to lease services with Hanoi and “hope to have results this year”.

As Mr. Tuan said, in the field of intelligent transportation, the corporation will not only invest in new solutions, but also develop solutions to efficiently exploit the existing Hanoi system such as camera system, monitoring…

“If FPT solves the most complex traffic issue in the world, Hanoi will be the premise for the world,” Mr. Tuan claimed. At present, Hanoi has about 560,000 cars and 5.5 million motorcycles. The growth rate of automobile is nearly 17% per year, motorbike rate increases nearly 8% per year. The city has 2,300 intersections and 5,000 surveillance cameras.

The “Cooperation for Development and Cooperation” conference was held in 2016. This year, the conference reaffirmed that Hanoi has been and will be a pioneer in the implementation of the Government’s guidelines for creating the environment as an open, transparent and suitable direction of the process of international integration in line with the actual conditions of the capital. The city is always with the business, creating the most favorable conditions for businesses, investors to start a business, invest in long-term production and business activities in the capital.

Credit: Trieu Man (Chungta.vn)