FPT to build smart city in Danang

The central city of Danang and FPT, a Vietnamese software giant, inked on April 19 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on building Danang as a ‘smart city’ for the 2018-20 period. The MoU will help the city develop smart solutions in traffic, agriculture, English language training, health care and tourism.

The two sides also agreed to complete online service in traffic and agriculture to boost connection between the city’s administration and local residents, as well as to promote transparency in administrative procedure. As planned, FPT will invest VND15 billion (USD 664,000) to build pilot projects with smart applications in 2018-19.

Vice Chairman of the city’s People’s Committee, Hồ Kỳ Minh, said the MoU would help Danang improve administrative reform and transparency for local people, businesses and tourists, and build Danang as a ‘liveable’ city in the near future.

The city will be ready for 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) this year.

He said the city’s e-Government system, which was launched in 2014, had been used by 225 agencies and 4,000 users. About 50 per cent of public procedures were also posted online.

He said Danang’s IT infrastructure was now available for smart connections among air control, water, garbage, meteorology, and energy agencies. It could also provide earthquake and tsunami warnings, and data on flooding, erosion, sewage management, and bridges.

Free wireless internet (wifi) services, with a maximum of 20,000 connections, was also offered for local residents and tourists at major centres and streets in the city, including living quarters, tourist sites, schools, beaches, hospitals,  and shopping malls, alongside bus and railway stations, airports and entertainment centres.

The central city had provided 1,196 online administration procedures, including one-stop shops, residential management, public transport and water supervision through the e-Government system.

FPT, who started investment in the city from 2004, has so far employed 2,000 IT engineers from Danang to work for the company’s software export department.

In 2016, FPT debuted its IT Service Centre, the FPT Complex in Danang. It is the biggest IT service centre in the central Việt Nam, providing office space for 10,000 IT engineers and 3,200 other employees.

Danang plans to become a ‘smart city’ by 2020 and a ‘green city’ by 2025.

Source: VNA& Chungta.vn