FPT among Top 5 most attractive company for employers in Slovakia

The results are based on public online polls conducted by Profesia – a 24-year historical recruitment website in Slovakia. The main evaluation criteria include the contents of human resource management, reputation, labor safety, professionalism in business activities.

This is the third year that FPT Slovakia is listed at the top of the most attractive company in the IT industry in Slovakia. Thereby, FPT Slovakia continues to assert its position in the technology market can compete with the “giants” in the host country such as Slovak Telekom, IBM, DELL, or Deutsche Telekom IT Solution.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the honor ceremony was organized online.

“Being recognized as the leading employer is a positive result for FPT Slovakia, especially in the context that Covid pandemic has had a heavy impact on all aspects of life in Slovakia and throughout Europe,” Mr. Tran Coi – CEO of FPT Slovakia – thanked all employees as well as the supporters who voted to help FPT Slovakia achieve this result. Over the past years, FPT Slovakia has made great efforts to ensure the stability of both production and spiritual life for employees. Therefore, the community’s vote has a great motivating meaning.

Not only that, but this result is also an important factor helping FPT Slovakia to attract more talents to key programs in 2021 to enhance technical capacity and apply in project implementation for customers.

This year, The Profesia Awards featured 237 companies, with 10 award categories. In which, the winning company is determined by the number of votes up to 80,000.


Currently, FPT Slovakia has more than 300 employees. FPT established FPT Slovakia in 2014 through an M&A agreement with RWE IT Slovakia, a member unit of the RWE energy group. Currently, FPT Slovakia has nearly 400 employees working in Slovakia, Czech, Germany, and Vietnam.

In FPT’s globalization strategy, the US, Japan, and Europe are three key markets, Therefore, Slovakia is an important engine of development in the European market.

On October 3, 2018, FPT Slovakia opened the Smarthome research room to develop smart home devices. SmartHome research lab developed by FPT Slovakia allows to intelligently simulate and use a series of familiar household devices, thanks to the impact of technology experts on the system, the characteristics of smart devices can completely improve.

Source: chungta.vn