Four ladies proves that coding isn’t a man’s world at FPT Edu Hackathon

Vi Quynh, Minh Nguyen, Thu Thao and Mai Tra are 4 female programmers participating in the final round of the FPT Edu Hackathon 2018 contest. These ladies have proved that the Hackathon contest was not as tough as people think.

The leader of TQT Team- Nguyen Thi Vi Quynh is a pretty, strong and active girl. Born in 1998, she has a passion for playing football, reading manga, planting trees and reading.

Joining at FPT Edu Hackathon 2018 as the leader of TQT Team (FPT Aptech), Vi Quynh is the only female member of the group. The other two men very respect her by the seriousness, responsibility, care and communication in the work. “Although Quynh is a girl but she could code well as all male members,” Tran Dinh Trong- a member of the group, shared.

Also from FPT Aptech, Nguyen Thu Thao is a member of Oxo team. “My life is so boring so I want to participate in this contest to create a challenge for me,” she shared about the reason to join FPT Edu Hackathon 2018.

Ung Vuong Mai Tra was born in 1998 and is a student of Foreign Trade University. The girl looks very active but she is very gentle and quiet. Her hobby is watching Japanese Anime, playing games and Rock music.

Another female team leader from OLAF (FUNiX) is Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen. Born in 1992, she studied Business Administration and worked in the tourism industry in Kon Tum. Realizing the importance of IT, Nguyen decided to study IT at FUNiX. The more she learn, the more passionate she feel with the technology. Therefore, this lady decided to join FPT Edu Hackathon 2018 to satisfy her passion.

Minh Nguyen and 3 male members including Pham Minh Hung, Vo Tien Cong (Ho Chi Minh City) and Tran Thanh Tinh (Can Tho) have teamed up to form the OLAF to compete with the idea of applying IoT to plant mushroom. Nguyen expressed that the biggest gain when joining FPT Edu Hackathon is to have a chance to try new things, discover and learn about IoT.

Source: Chungta