1. Application process
Am I an international student?

How do I apply to study?

What are the required documents of application for degree students?

I have completed some subjects at a college before applying for admission at FPTU. Can I transfer my credits from my previous school?

After I submit my Application, what should I do?

I am not a native English speaker. What should I do when I apply to FPTU's degree programs?

I have a Conditional Offer and a Fee Plan. What do they mean?

What is Admission Letter and Student Contract? When do I have them?

I do not agree with the terms and conditions of the Student Contract. What should I do?

Do Global Internship Program and Community Outreach Program have application deadline?

What is the duration of the Global Internship Program and Community Outreach Program?

  1. Course information (for degree students)

Where do I find the course timetable?

My courses have several components, such as lectures, tutorials or workshops. Do I have to attend all of these?

What is a prerequisite?

Can I enroll in two courses concurrently, if one is a prerequisite for the other?

What is a course outline?

  1. Enrolment information

How many courses do I have to take as a degree student?

When do my classes start? What are the dates of my study period?

What online student management systems does FPTU use?

How do I log into UNIAP and CMS?

What is my FPTU student email address?

I have a hold on my account and cannot enroll. What should I do?

  1. Costs & Payment

How can I know how much is the Costs and Fees for my degree study at FPTU?

Can I pay degree tuition fees by installments?

How can I pay my degree tuition fees?

How can I pay my exchange program fees?

  1. Arrival and Orientation 

When should I arrive in Hanoi?

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

What will I do during the welcoming week?

Do I have to attend the Orientation day? What will I do if I miss that event?

Do I need to buy textbooks and study materials? How much does it cost?

How can I communicate with my family and friends at home?

What extracurricular activities can I participate at FPTU?

  1. Accommodation

Should I find the accommodation before arrival? If yes, where can I find out more about accommodation in Hanoi?

How can I travel to the lecture halls/class rooms?

  1. Visa information 

How can I apply visa to study at FPT University?

What kind of visa will be granted for me if I am admitted to FPTU?

Can I have visa before first installment payment completion?

How long does it take me to get visa after my payment is finished?

  1. Student support

Where can I find more help?

Will I receive a certification at the end of the short course/exchange program?
  1. Contact information
For details about Admission procedure
For details about Student Services