Explore new campus of University of Greenwich (Vietnam) in Ho Chi Minh City

Expected to go into operation in May 2021 with the new campus in Hanoi, some first images of the new “monumental” campus of Greenwich University (Vietnam) in Ho Chi Minh City gradually revealed.

Located in Cong Hoa Garden Complex (No. 20, Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City), the new campus of Greenwich University (Vietnam) has the advantages of an airy, spacious, and convenient location for traffic, near the district center and center of the city.
The entire first floor is devoted to student services and the library. Space is designed with unlimited openness, with Greenwich’s main colors, which are both dynamic, stylish, and blended between modern and traditional.
The areas separated by transparent glass create a fresh, youthful look and express the depth of space
The library is a combination of the classic style modeled on the famous libraries of UK universities and Greenwich’s vibrant colors (Vietnam).
The library provides hundreds of thousands of books and diverse reading spaces suitable to the reading needs and interests of individuals, small groups, or large groups.
Whether a student is an extrovert, likes gathering with friends to read, study, group discussion, or tends to be self-contained, loves to work independently and loves quietness, this library can be a space of their own, caters to each other individual’s unique preferences.
If you do not like to read books and just like to sit “chill” or “selfie”, the library also has a lot of corners for you!
A beautiful space in the library!

The 2nd and 3rd floors are the areas of hall, classrooms and functional rooms.

The symbol of the original meridian (0 degrees) or the Greenwich Meridian – the starting point of the world, running through London, UK is now also in Vietnam….right in University of Greenwich (Vietnam)! This is the symbol representing the first milestone, the starting point of the students’ journey to open the world from Greenwich University (Vietnam).

Big hall for events, seminars, workshops, and talk shows.
The large classrooms are mainly white and beige with bold modernity and fashion.
Small classroom…
Graphic classrooms stimulate creativity and increase student-teacher interaction.
The graphic design exhibition area looks like the space in world-famous museums.
“Home-made” but world-class artworks.
The corridor along the escalator is dreamy and beautiful as if it were sitting on the Thames River banks, England.
The hallway among classrooms is a place of inspiration for generations of Alumni. #ProudtobeGreVN!
Still a hallway … but this is like a scene from a famous corporation often seen in movies
The Yoga room is always ready for you to have a passion for the “stay fit & healthy” lifestyle.
GYM room! At Greenwich (Vietnam), students are encouraged to develop both physically, mentally, and intellectually.
Those who do not like to practice can spend time entertaining at the Pantry of Greenwich.
Play a few games of Bi-shake at noon.
No, this is not some Michelin restaurant! That Greenwich student Pantry area!
As for the soccer field, the martial arts field, of course, it is outside! The spirit of commitment is to withstand the fog and wind!

So the tour to visit the new HCM campus has ended. Look forward to the official launch of this new Greenwich home!

2021 marks an important turning point after more than 10 years of being in Vietnam at Greenwich University (Vietnam) when at the same time all 3 campuses of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho are “changing new campus” to increasingly worthy of a prestigious international university with more than 130 years of history from the UK.

Source: Greenwich.edu.vn