Experience actual working environment and corporate culture through company visits

FPT University students recently had an exciting trip to Tek Experts Company under the framework of company tour program held by Hanoi Student Affairs Office to provide practical work experiences and employment opportunities for students.

Company tour to Tek Experts was a great experience for the students. Located in Lotte Center in Hanoi- one of the busiest and bustling cities, Tek Experts Company has taken students to another world.

With an open work space, harmonious green space, the common living area with modern equipment, free drinks and a separate training academy – Tek Academy, Tek Experts gives students a fresh and friendly look.

During the share about the company, FPT University students, who are currently working here, also came and shared the work experience, interview skills and their stories from the first day.

“FPT University is a new experience and my own pride,” Mr. Dung- a former student of FPT University shared. “The strength of FPT University students is soft skills and English. Working from the third year under the OJT program will be a great experience to make your career direction clearer”.

CompanyTour is a regular event organized by FPT University in cooperation with its business partners. Accordingly, students will visit the working space in the business; and listen to the sharing of knowledge and skills to accumulate experience and convince future employers.

Source: FPT Education