Exclusive experience of European students at FPT University

Six students from Telecom Ecole de Management (France) and Fontys International Business School (the Netherlands) are enjoying their experience in Vietnam with a learning environment majoring in economy at FPT University. There are also 13 students from Germany, France, Korea, Brunei and Bangladesh came to participate in the exchange program in FPT University- Hoa Lac Campus.

Six students from Telecom Ecole de Management (France) and Fontys International Business School (the Netherlands) are Niklas Thelemann (Germany), Dominik Wihelm Gert Kessel (Germany), Laurie Dang (France), Deffain Elise (France), Mangasaryan Franck (France) and Jim Cox (Netherlands).

On the first days, these international students had chance to listen to the curriculum, schedules, log-in system and learning tools at FPT University. With the support of students and staff of FPT University, they visited the campus, borrowed the curriculum at library and started the first lesson. Their eagerness for the new environment and culture could not be hidden in their face.

Foreign students received the economic curriculum.

Niklas Thelemann (born in 1994, Germany) shared this is the first time he came to Vietnam. “Previously, I went to Indonesia and Hong Kong but in Vietnam, I feel very amazed and in love with friendly people and delicious food,” said Thelemann.

This German guy also believes that the learning environment in Vietnam with new friends and teachers will bring him exciting experiences. “With 3 months staying in Ho Chi Minh City to study at FPT University, besides our specialized knowledge, we hope to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of local people,” he noted.

On the first day, six students studied the learning system at FPT University.

Meanwhile, Deffain Elise (born in 1995) found that Vietnam is very different from her French hometown. The weather is quite hot, the surrounding is quite vibrant and people move mainly by motorcycles and scooters, etc. “These first experiences made me feel very interesting,” she said.

“I was very happy to find out that I was one of the exchange students of Telecom Ecole De Management with FPT University,” Elise eagerly said. “Different city, new culture and new learning path is waiting for me to explore”.

This is the first time Elise and other friends come to Vietnam.

Laurie Dang (born in 1996 in France) came to Vietnam 10 years ago. “Currently, I’m living with my relatives and visited quite a lot of famous places in Ho Chi Minh City,” Laurie could not hide her joy. “In the first day at school, I got up very early to prepare laptop, notebook, etc”.

Besides them, Jim Cox, Dominik Wihelm Gert Kessel and Mangasaryan Franck also enjoyed the program at FPT University. All of them listened attentively, took notes and planned to attend Field Trip- one of the “specialties” of FPT University providing short-term experience in some Southeast Asian countries.

FPT University always supports international students.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Hien- a member of the International Cooperation Department said that these students are very excited in Spring semester at FPT University. “FPT University is always able to provide international students most up-to-date information and resources, as well as the support of FPTU student community to help foreign students learn and have best experience in Vietnam,” added Ngoc Hien.

Source: FPT Education