Essential Business Skills for Success in the Workplace

Business organizations are now working in dynamic complex environments. Business skills are essential that involve  in the ways of thinking at the larger picture of both corporate and customer behavior, being mindful of certain people’s concerns and understanding what services are needed to meet those concerns. To be successful in this field, people will learn lots of skills include soft skills and hard skills.

Generally, most people are earning money by doing business or working as a professional. Not only large corporations but also small enterprises need business skills to operate their organization well. Moreover, people who are doing professional work such as engineers, doctors, and many more get involved in dealing with business skills. These skills can even influence on their daily life. Thus, everybody should be aware of the essential business skills to succeed.

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Business skills can provide people an advantage in how they deal with clients, preparing a marketing strategy, competing with rivals in the market, or seeking on new opportunities for companies. Here are some crucial skills to be successful. 

General Management Skills

            Management includes guiding and managing a community to organize actions that will accomplish an objective. It also includes resource allocation such as human capital, financial, technical and intellectual. In different ways, management skills involve in a plenty of sectors such as finance, human resource, marketing & sales, project, operations and many more. As a consequence, it is very integral to learn management skills to handle daily activities and build a strong relationship with stakeholders for successful business.

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Communication Skills

            Communication plays a vital role that is also regarded as self-evident. Everyone has to connect well to be successful in the company. The reason is that people may need to communicate with stakeholders like shareholders, suppliers, employees, staff, wholesalers, vendors, prospective customers, and clients. With effective oral and written communication skills, people can develop their relationships successfully in the workplace.

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Sales and Marketing Skills

             To develop the company, it is important to create effective selling and marketing strategies and policies – from pricing and advertisement to sales techniques. It is indeed integral to promote brand image to engage the customers. People need to learn how to develop and engage to the right consumer segmentation to attract new sales and create sustainable revenue streams to be successful in their company.

Financial Management Skills

            Finance management is not only concern about profits and loss but also can handle cash flow which influences on the daily operation and productivity. Successful finance managers are adept at several of the following skills, for instance, leadership, problem-solving, communication, analysis, interpersonal skills, technological skills, mathematical proficiency, organization, attention to detail, and ability to work independently. 

Source: Schrieber, 2020

Time Management Skill

           Time management is a kind of common-sense skill that enables people to create the most effective and successful use of their time. This skill can motivate them to do more and allow prudent use of resources. Therefore, people ought to learn how to handle their time effectively and concentrate on the tasks that make a profit to their company’s success.

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How Do We Learn Those Skills?

            Business field is regarded as the most demand in the workplace as most organizations do their operation processes to run by using management system and essential business skills. Accordingly, business programs are popular at present. To catch up with the trend, people had better learn the business program. There are various business programs available to study and FPT Education is an appropriate option to consider and participate in.

            FPT Education, which holds QS 3 stars international ranking, is also offering the standard quality of business program with ACBSP and AACSB accreditations. FPT Education provides undergraduate business programs that are marvelous as a consequence of many options such as On-the-Job Training with mentors, industry-oriented curriculum with common subjects such as digital marketing and social media marketing. By studying at FPT Education, students can learn not only theory but also essential business skills such as sales and marketing, business communication, financial management, and many more. 

_The article written by Min Khant from Myanmar doing the internship at FPT University Global.