Dream campus of FPT Primary and Secondary School

FPT Education recently invested in buying a new campus for FPT Primary and Secondary School, following its strategy in building a diversified education system. Located on an area of 4,800m2 with more than 80 classrooms, My Quest is a new home for more than 129 students of primary and secondary school .

The campus was built with U-shaped and 6-floor building. The middle area is administrative area. More than 80 classrooms are used from the 1st to the 5th floor. The basement is arranged for vehicles parking of staff and students. Meanwhile, canteen is located in 6th floor.
The building has a total of 3 lifts moving from 1st to 6th floor.
The computer room is well- equipped for students to practice.
Laboratory cabinets.
Chemistry Laboratory.
The library has spacious space, many books and stories for children to read.
Classrooms are equipped with standard lighting, air-conditioner, sound system and projector for learning and practice.

Source: FPT Education & Chungta