Discover UK Culture Week at FPT Greenwich

UK Culture Week were recently held at the University of Greenwich (Vietnam) normally called as FPT Greenwich. This is one of the extracurricular activities for students organized by the Student Affair and the university’s club.

From March 20 to 23, the entire main hall at Detech Building was decorated under the theme of England with many symbols of the foggy country including Mr. Bean, Big Ben, football, basketball and volleyball, etc.
Students had chance to experience cosplay.
Become witches in the Harry Potter series.
British literature display area.
PES football championships are also being held to create an atmosphere of excitement for the UK Cultural Week.
Eating Competition with the prize up to VND 200,000.
With the aim of creating a playground for students after stressful classes and to help them learn more about the culture of the world, UK Culture Week has attracted a lot of students as well as the lecturers.
The event was held from March 20 to 23 at the main hall of the University of Greenwich (Vietnam).

Source: FPT Education