Discover the successful story of a deputy director at FPT Software

Being one of first student generation of FPT University, Mr. Hoang Van Duong has joined FPT Software for 7 years since he was a 3rd- year student and become a young and talent deputy director.

At work, Mr. Duong is a beloved colleague because he is always responsible for work and optimistic in difficult times. He used to manage a PP Hontai under high pressure with high intensity of work required by the clients but his effort was paid off by the positive results when the project is expected to gain around USD 1 million in revenue.

Mr. Hoang Van Duong with his team at FPT Software.
Mr. Hoang Van Duong with his team at FPT Software.

Mr. Duong shared that the time spent on PP Hontai’s project with his team gave him valuable experience in managing the progress, managing people and learning how to work under pressure. “It is really useful experience, not only in the current management but also in the communication with colleagues every day,” he said.

It is undeniable that his success was highly contributed from skills and knowledges that he had learnt at FPT University. “The training program at FPT University is practical and dynamic and I believe this is the outstanding advantages of the FU compared to other universities,” he highlighted. “In addition to English skill, FPT students are very active and have chance to join in the real internship and project quite early”.

“Students should actively participate in extracurricular activities, focus on learning a foreign language which will help at work and proactively discussed with lecturers who will help you improve your skills in the workplace because they have real experiences,” recommended Mr. Hoang Van Duong- Deputy Director at FPT Software.

Recalling about the time when Mr. Hoang Van Duong was a student at FPT, he admitted that the learning course is really hard and he had spent a lot of effort and time to overcome all subjects and challenges. However, these time has trained him to become more mature and confident to work in a pressure environment like FPT Software. In the eyes of the leaders, Duong is a well-managed manager, who combines perfectly between the strict progress and effective workflows at all costs.

Sharing about his career path, he said “Previously, I was passionate about technology and strive to work for it. However, after 2014, I have changed my path from technology to management with the desire to help many programmers in the workplace as well as inspire my enthusiasm to other people “.

Mr. Hoang Van Duong was honored as one of the best employees in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.
Mr. Hoang Van Duong was honored as one of the best employees in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

This young and talent deputy director believed that understanding the keys of technology is very important to approach and develop new technologies in each project. “Technology must come from passion and passion in work will produce good results such as income or social relationships, ” Duong said.

In 2017 Mr. Duong will strive to fulfill his commitment in developing the Mobility for DTL. In the further future, he has ambitions with his colleagues at DTL to build a logistics center for FPT Software.