Discover the culture and hidden beauty of Vietnam in the internship at FPT

Ten students from Taiwan and Japan have completed their amazing internship program at FPT University. Of which, five Taiwanese students from Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology had a short internship organized by FPT University Vietnam from July 23 to September 2 2017. Meanwhile, Japanese students had joined three- week internship program from August 3rd to August 27th.

FPTU is please to escort students visiting this 14th or 15th- century village under the Le dynasty to help them understand more about Vietnam culture.
FPTU is please to escort students visiting this 14th- or 15th- century village under the Le dynasty to help them understand more about Vietnam culture.

At the beginning of the program, the students must complete around one- week English training course under FPT University’s mentors. The course aims to offer students adequate English skill to adapt with working environment. After English course, 10 students in Hanoi were placed in FPT Software and FPT Telecom Company doing internship in business sector.

The internship required them to work 8 hours per day as full-time staff, get themselves immersed in English speaking environment and to experience cross culture working background. Some students have involved in some specific projects in their own department and were mentored by experienced supervisors. “It’s really a good opportunity for us when we can learn how a big company function and different job is done by different departments,” Ms. Chiu Yi-hua shared.

In addition, many other cultural enrichment activities were organized to make their experience unique and fulfilled. During about one month staying in Hanoi, students had chance to visit the Temple of Literature, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Hanoi’s Old Quarter. It’s really a meaningful time to discover the culture and hidden beauty of Hanoi.

It’s such a waste going to Hanoi without visiting Bat Trang village. Therefore FPTU is please to escort them visiting this 14th or 15th- century village under the Le dynasty to help them understand more about Vietnam culture. Located to Hanoi’s southeast, past the Chuong Duong Bridge and 10 km along the Red River dyke, Bat Trang, a traditional handicraft village specializing in ceramics differs to the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Students had took a day excursion around the village, visited local workshop, observe the complete  production cycle, talked with the craftsmen and made pottery items by themselves.

In addition, students also had chance to visit Halong Bay which was first included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and was extended in 2000. It is renowned worldwide for its unparalleled beauty with the most extensive and best preserved example of a mature karst seascape found anywhere in the world.

“During these days, I’m very appreciative that can met Miss My and Miss Moon (staff at FPT Global Office),both of them give us a lot of good memories of Vietnam.They took us to  some special restaurant that local people go and they also help us to communicate with people who can’t speak English. Without them,we couldn’t know that much about culture ,history and humanities of Vietnam. I want to praise the dormitory as there are convenience store,laundry shop,restaurant and bus stop near by,” said Chiu Wan-Yun.

The internship was closed with videos making by students to highlight the experiences and activities they had within one month in Vietnam. All these memories and experience will be a part of their life.   

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