Da Nang – The Best Study Abroad Destination in Vietnam

Da Nang is one of the biggest city in Viet Nam. Not only is a beautiful tourist city, with conditions and reasonable living costs, and modern infrastructure, Da Nang is also dubbed the “most livable city in Vietnam”. The city opens many opportunities for learning and working for young people. It converges many quality universities, one of which is FPT University.

  1. Prime Location

Danang is located in central Vietnam. The core location in the S-shaped country takes only an hour’s flight from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Danang International Airport is situated not far from the city center, which is a convenient geographical location for students to travel any cities in North or South of Vietnam.

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2. Weather

While Hanoi has four distinct seasons and the temperature amplitude varies strongly, Ho Chi Minh City has symbolic climate of Xanva which has two dry seasons and the average temperature is high all year round. Da Nang is the interference. It is located in the tropical monsoon climate typical, high temperatures and less volatile throughout the year. The rainy season is from September until March, while the dry season is between April and August. Its close proximity to the South China Sea allows for average temperatures between 18°C and 34°C.

3. The cleanest and most worth-living city in Vietnam

In 2018, the travel magazine Live and Invest Overseas (LIO) announced the list of the 10 best places to live abroad, including Da Nang. According to Kathleen Peddicord, LIO founder, “Vietnam’s third largest city is a perfect combination of past and modern innovation spirit”. This blooming city is a major hub for commerce, tourism, and education. It becomes noticeable with the conveniently accessible port, the propitious location (within 100km) nearby the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites (namely Hue Imperial City, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary), the clean and modern infrastructure, and of course, the beautifully famous tourist attractions scattered throughout the area.

4. Asia’s leading festival and event destination

Da Nang is a famous city in with “unique” entertainment venues. If student life is learning and experiencing, Da Nang would be the most suitable place for you to “accumulate” the discovery tours.

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The city of amazingly beautiful beaches

My Khe Beach

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Nam O Beach

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In addition, you may admire the natural wonders in Ba Na Hills, do some jungle explorations in Son Tra Peninsula, and pray at Linh Ung Pagoda with Vietnam’s highest Bodhisattva Statue at 67 meters, and visit the Museum of Cham Sculpture, where the antique statues of Cham culture are preserved and on exhibit.

The city of must-see bridges

Han River Bridge

It is the first bridge that Vietnamese architects and workers designed with a special structure with its symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the city-was built with the contribution of the entire city’s people. To create a traffic path, the center of the bridge will split and rotate 90 degrees along the vertical axis of the bridge. These events usually take place from 1 – 2 am on Monday and Friday.

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Dragon Bridge

With the first part describing the Ly dynasty dragon, the stylized tail is lotus-shaped. At 9pm on Saturday and Sunday every week, the dragon bridge will spray water (3 waves) and spray fire (18 waves).

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Love Bridge

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About 30km from the south of Danang, Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) is also a promising destination and is loved by many students. It is alsoextremely convenient for students to ride to Hue, passing Hai Van Pass to ecotourism areas in Quang Binh and Quang Ngai.

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5. Affordable Living Standard

According to the Cost of Living Comparison website, the cost of living in Danang is 10% cheaper than Hanoi, and 8% cheaper than Ho Chi Minh. It can be said in three regions, Danang is the first choice for reasonable living expenses.

Food Expenses:

Da Nang’s well-known culinary paradise, the cost of food is also very suitable for students. Only VND 10,000 – 15,000 for a delicious breakfast. Dinner lunch can be eaten with a bowl of vermicelli or a rice and rice cake can range from 15,000 to 25,000 VND.


Depending on the type of accommodations, a room or a private apartment, motel or apartment, the rent may range from VND 800,000 to VND 2,500,000, a very suitable price for students. If you have a part-time job, paying renting fee is completely comfortable.

6. Great Labor Market

Danang is one of the key cities and it is receiving major development projects from the Government. The city is increasingly attracting thousands of foreign businesses and domestic corporations to invest and improve infrastructure, creating a great demand for jobs in the fields of tourism, property, education, entertainment and information technology.

As a renowned port city with good training quality, vibrant job market, friendly living environment, hospitable people, appropriate living costs and social welfare guaranteed, Da Nang has proved that I am a worth -living city. If you are still wondering where to choose to study in Vietnam, Da Nang is such an ideal stopover destination.

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