“Courage to step into the world!” shared by a Lao student at FPT University

Three years studying marketing at FPT University in Vietnam has witnessed a significant change in thought, relationship, knowledge and foreign languages of Ms. Pany Chanvongnaraz – an international student from Laos.  

Born in a family with strong learning tradition, Pany Chanvongnaraz has inherited her parent’s thought “Step into the world to experience and develop”. Therefore, Pany’s sisters and brothers choose Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and South Korea to pursue their dreams.

Ms. Pany Chanvongnaraz- a Lao student majoring in Marketing shared that the international learning environment of FPT has brought her great value.

Although Pany is an active person, she still found a lot of difficulties in the first days such as homesick, language barrier, etc. However, this time passed very quickly because new activities as well as friendly and open-minded friends at FPT University made her student life become more exciting and colourful.

Going to the new environment, language is the key element to integrate. By studying and living with other international students, within less than 4 months after coming to Vietnam, Pany felt more confident in English communication. “If I studied in Laos, my English skill certainly could not improve quickly like that,” Pany confessed.

Pany (second from the right) in a volunteer activity with FPT University students.

Pany also shared that FPT University is an international environment where students can exchange and study with students from Cameroon, Brunei, Nigeria, Japan, France, etc. In addition to English development, she is more pleased to learn about other culture. “I have learnt a number of Brunei songs, serious working style of Japanese students, and the confidence and sexy dances of Nigerian students,” said Ms. Pany Chanvongnaraz.

Regarding to the academic result, Pany is always one of excellent students at FPT University. Each semester, in the honouring ceremony, Pany Chanvongnaraz is always in the list of international students honored for their academic results.

Pany and other international students at the campus of FPT University.

“My learning secret is simply preparation. Before each lesson, I usually take time to read and look up documents,” she said. “After the class, I also spend time reviewing to grasp the main content and looking deeply into the important parts of the subject”.

Source: FPT Education