Common Challenges Faced by International Students While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Nevertheless, you will face challenges while studying and living in a new country. This blog reveals five common challenges that you might face in your study abroad period.

Culture shock

Culture shock is one of the most common challenges you will encounter when you adjust to live in a new country. It is the impact of moving from your home country to a new culture society that includes the shock of meeting new people, different behaviors, language barriers and climate changes. Another fact is that different nationalities have different tastes in food.

Source: Allen Smith, 2019

So how will you overcome this culture shock? As long as you have some friends who are there for you, you will be fine and problems will be overcome gradually. Vietnam is a typical example for you to consider studying abroad. If you are an international students without any friends there, you are always warmly welcomed by the Vietnamese people. At FPT University Vietnam, you will experience a friendly international learning environment as a consequence of 36,000 students from local and different countries.

Language Barrier

 One of the most difficult problems you might face on duration of study abroad is the language barrier. With a foreign language, you will find it difficult in speaking and listening to the local people in a new country. 

To overcome this issue, you are advised to practice speaking gradually so that the local people will understand what you are trying to tell them. There is good news that speaking English is the second common useful language in Vietnam. And FPT University provides an international learning environment which offers English preparation classes to help you improve communication skills in English. 

Feeling Like an Outcast and Being Lonely

When you entered into your university, you might be overwhelmed by the fear of not knowing anyone in the new environment. The college itself is a long and tough journey that you have to carry on until you get your desire destination. Therefore, emotional supports are necessary especially from family and friends. But while you’re all alone there, the only person who can be relied on is no one but yourself.

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You are absolutely able to make new friends but that is not always an easy task for every individual. However, you do not worry too much about this problem when you choose to study in Vietnam. You will be welcomed by the Vietnamese and get the enthusiastic support from the local people.  

Feeling Homesick

Homesickness is a feeling of stress or anxiety caused by separation from people and places that you know. It is normal while you get used to living in a new country. To overcome this challenge, you should make new friends through participating in clubs and societies at your university. And it’s also a good idea to visit places of interest in your new town or city and get involved in local events. 

Source: Loya 2020

Financial Concerns

Source: Talkroute 2020

You need to spend lots of money for personal stuff as a monthly pass for transportation and living expenses when studying abroad. Without proper financial management, however, you may encounter a financial crisis in the middle of the study or later. 

To cope with the financial concerns, you can look for a part-time job, cook by yourself, set up a plan for daily expenses, and cutting costs as much as you can. In Vietnam, you can find a part-time job to reduce the financial burden when you choose to study at FPT University Vietnam. Furthermore, the living expenses in Vietnam is much less than other countries with an affordable price such as living allowance, transportation fees, food, and so on. Thus, you can live with around $300 per month.

_Written by Min Khant (The student from Myanmar is doing his internship at FPTU Global).