Why Choose FPT University Vietnam?

Studying at FPT University Vietnam, you will have an opportunity to be immersed in and experience an international standard education designed to success, equipping you with important skills and knowledge to advance on your chosen career path.

FPT University focuses on providing various programs with real projects for students to get practical skills on the fields of IT, Business, Management and Languages so that FPT Students can meet the requirements to be qualified experts in a global working environment. Join the dynamic, friendly community at FPT University and enjoy a diversity of colorful social, cultural, sports and entertainment activities to suit your tastes. At present, FPT University has four primary campuses in 4 big cities of Vietnam include Hanoi, Hochiminh, Danang and Can Tho. 

  1. FPT University’s Reputation

FPT University is well-known for one of the top universities training IT programs for students. There are two “FIRSTS” that should be mentioned about FPT University. Firstly, FPT University was the first university in Vietnam established by an enterprise – FPT Corporation. Secondly, it was the first university in Vietnam to be awarded a 3-star ranking by the QS World University Ranking System in 2012 – one among three of the most well-known university ranking systems in the world and reached 5 stars by the end of 2015 in 4 main sectors such as Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Social Responsibility. Additionally, FPT University’s curriculum is designed in accordance with the international standards for professional education.


    2. Global Experience

Studying at FPT University, students have an opportunity to exchange or even transfer their study to other universities in a new place that are aligned with the university.  Therefore, FPT Students will have more chances to experience different cultures, friends, and knowledge. For example, FPT University’s exchange programs are up to six months at one of over 80 top universities in more than 30 countries depending on students’ demands.

Semester Abroad - Chance to study abroad for FPT Students
Semester Abroad – Chance to study abroad for FPT Students

    3. Business Connect

FPT University offers students intensive programs developed under support of leading experts from FPT Corporation and business partners. This teaching method provides the learners practical skills and knowledge that be in line with human resources requirement. In terms of On-the-Job-Training Program, FPT students will have great opportunities to join real projects, real international working environment, and gain valuable hands-on experiences. This brings the competitive edge and highly increases chance of getting employment after graduation to its participants.

Leading experts from FPT Corporation and its business partners
Leading experts from FPT Corporation and its business partners

    4. Personal Development Program (PDP)

This program ensures that students are fully equipped with not only practical working skills but also social and cultural knowledge. Furthermore, in PDP, students have opportunities to discover and understand themselves as well as the people around them.


    5. Facilities

FPT University provides a model of opening an electronic library with a variety of books and updated learning and teaching materials which help students keep up development in the world. FPT students also enjoy a university relationship with libraries – a value of universities and publishers in the world such as Person, Longman, Mcgraw Hill, etc. FPT provides suitable facilities to accommodate a diversity of teaching styles and create favorable conditions for acquiring information that are necessary for research and practice. Each classroom is also equipped with the projector and modern systems with Wi-Fi access. Furthermore, the university dormitory provides students with convenience, comfort, security and most importantly environment enhancing international exchange opportunity through day living. 


    6. Career & Employment

Our Placement & Alumni department at the Office of Student Affairs provides services supporting students in finding employment opportunities, connecting students with potential employers and the alumni community, and organizing workshops on résumé writing, interviewing skills, salary negotiating skills and personal branding. According to the statistics reported in 2016, 98% of FPT University students have jobs after graduation with the average salary of 8.3 million VND / person / month (equivalent to $400), 100% of students have the opportunity to work in FPT after graduation. Accordingly, 19% of FPT alumni work abroad such as the US, Japan, Germany, Singapore, etc.

Career Day

    7. Study Experience

Students will be equipped with desirable skills that employers really want, such as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and innovation. IT related students also have great opportunities to learn from experts in the industry in at least one semester to study and practical training at renowned software companies in Vietnam.


    8. Multicultural Environment

FPT University has welcomed more and more international students and faculties from different nations in exchange programs for both short courses and full time study, making the campus a more diverse environment for gaining cultural exposure and international perspective. Many activities are organized by different clubs on special occasions, building up the relationships between Vietnamese and foreign students.


FPT University Vietnam is currently offering Scholarship Program in the academic year 2017 – 2018 for potential international students in order to bring the quality of education to foreign countries all over the world. For registration, please click here.