CEO Tran Huy Trung: “Let’s get started right away!”

“Every market is thirsty for new and quality product. There are many opportunities for you so let’s start your projects as soon as possible,” said Mr. Tran Huy TRung- CEO of BetterCre Creative Agency – one of the typical faces of the startup community in Vietnam and a former student specializing in Marketing at FPT University.

With the success of Trung and his colleagues today, few people know that this marketing student had a hard time to determine the right direction. “Before BetterCre was founded, I was one of you who was struggling to find a truly quality agency that can delivery PR ideas for my products and brands at a reasonable price,” he noted. “I also tried to find a working environment that can satisfy my passion and develop my PR & communication ideas”.

Tran Huy Trung – Alumni of FPT University – is now the CEO of BetterCre Agency.

Recalling the time starting a new business, Huy Trung shared that he had encountered many difficulties such as lack of knowledge of law and taxation, etc. It is also difficult to recruit young staff who have good aesthetics, work experience, bravery and deep social knowledge but enough passion to accompany him in the first time with low salary. According to Trung, the most difficult is to find common opinion with many types of customers with different expectation and perspective.

These difficulties could not make the young CEO down but seems to raise his strong determination. The only thing making him worry about is how to create a product that brings the optimal solution and most appropriate value for customer.

After a year of establishment, Trung’s company now has about 12 people working in the field of creative communications focused on providing graphic design services and producing innovative media publications. BetterCre has more than 100 corporate clients from a wide range of industries, including big names such as VINAFCO, Ecopark, Vincom Retail, Toward Transperency, CSIP and many other projects. In addition to business, BetterCre also accompanies and helps students become a communications expert. Over the past year, BetterCre has produced three Make It Noise newsletters, an inspirational PR newsletter, a monthly marketing release for free via email. (Website

Tran Huy Trung is currently teaching Art classes at FPT High School (Fschool).

Sharing the secret keys making Trung’s achievements today, Trung said that the knowledge at the FPT University is one of the most important factors where he can learn the methodology and way of thinking from experienced teachers and lecturers. “Starting a business is a time when we have to learn a lot more new knowledge,” Huy Trung highlighted. “Without methods and skills studied at FPT University, I could not operate the business”.

In the coming time, the young CEO will unveil the optimization of the personnel to expand the customer base to foreign companies and organization in Vietnam or planing to invest in Vietnam. At the same time, the company continues to deploy a number of media and deep branding projects.

Commenting on the opportunities to start a business in Vietnam, Trung said: “We have a lot of opportunities. 2016 is the year of global integration with many new units setting up to serve the demand of good education and international exchanges. Therefore, you need to prepare the financial plan very carefully, improve the quality of products and services as well as find companions to develop your ideas and projects”.

Source: FPT Education