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Two hundred new students of FPT University explore the beauty of Laos

July 27, 2018

On July 27, 200 new students of FPT University in Da Nang will participate in the FPTU Champion Dash 2018 – the winner’s race in Laos.FTPU Champion Dash 2018 takes place from July 27 to 31...

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FPT University won the champion at the first Graphic Design Competition

After two days of fierce competition, GD1261A team from FPT University won the champion in the final round of the Graphic Design Competition with the “International space for learning” the...

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Meet the M&A pioneer of FPT Software

July 26, 2018

Ten years ago, Mr. Bui Hoang Tung volunteered to step into the US market and FPT USA (FUSA) was the first 100% Vietnamese IT company in the USA. A decade later, he kicked- off the first M&A of FPT...

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FPT’s profit after tax soar by 32% in the first half year of 2018

Ending the first half year of 2018, revenue and profit before tax (PBT) of FPT Corporation recorded a strong growth of 19% and 32% year on year (YoY), respectively in comparison with the same period l...

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Huge opportunity to work in Japan for FPT University students

July 24, 2018

On July 23, Mr. Shinichi Hatori – Chairman of Work Net- Asian Techno Company and Japanese hotel chain recently visited and exchanged the job opportunities for students of FPT University.Ms. Pham...

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