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DHL brings job opportunities for FPT University students

June 1, 2018

On the morning of May 25, a signing ceremony of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between FPT University and DHL was recently taken place in Hanoi, opening employment opportunities in large and global...

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Explore Vietnam where tradition meets modern with FPT University

May 31, 2018

FPT University Global Office is very excited to announce two upcoming FPT University Summer Camps 2018 in June and July for international students.These 4-day camps will give students the exclusive op...

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FPT University students enjoy “Omotenashi” workshop

Nearly 50 FPT University students came to the “Omotenashi” workshop and gained more knowledge about Japanese culture and working environment. Following the success of previous workshops, P...

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FPT Software proposes trial of self-driving cars

May 30, 2018

FPT Software has asked the Ministry of Transport and relevant sectors for permission to operate self-driving autos in hi-tech zones and software parks nationwide on an experimental basis.FPT said it h...

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FPT University opens new major in Artificial Intelligence in 2018

FPT University will add artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching software engineering, with the desire to build a high-quality IT staff, enhance added- value as well as the technology leader of the so...

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