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Japan is thirsty of IT engineers

April 17, 2018

Working in the Japanese market for almost 14 years, P3.M35 project manager of FPT Software Le Tec Nen shared that the demand for IT human resources in Japan is unlimited in the next 5 to 10 years.On t...

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FPT Skillking opens its first course

April 16, 2018

FPT Skillking, a collaboration between FPT Education and Skillking India, recently opened its first course with 30 students on April 14. It is also known as the first digital marketing school in Vietn...

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FPT IS and SecureMetric introduce security solution for digital transactions

Deploying authentication solution and security for digital transactions is an emerging issue which many banks, financial institutions and securities companies focus on. To address this issue, FPT IS t...

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The inspirer of traditional music at FPT University

April 13, 2018

When the traditional music seem to be lost, more and more spectators especially young people like lecturer Nguyen Thu Thuy, who desires to share what has been learned to the youth, try to bring this m...

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FPT IS opened its first Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center of FPT IS (FIS R&D) led by Chief Technology Officer Phan Thanh Son, will focus on new and advanced solutions as well as application of new technologies into the...

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