BTEC FPT put robot into teaching and admission consultant

On January 9, NAO robot made by FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI) has appeared in the Bigben Hall of BTEC FPT, attracting a lot of attention during its first day of work.

In 2018, NAO robot will accompany the learning process and become the object of study for students at BTEC FPT- a joint venture between FPT Education and Pearson Education. It will also participate in the admission of the school. This will affirm the BTEC FPT’s training orientation in combining vocational guidance with technology and practice. Students will be directly involved in Robot programming and will be supported with technology throughout the learning process.

Robot NAO advised career path for BTEC FPT on the first day of work.

All agreements of exclusive cooperation on exchange of high-tech knowledge and the usage of artificial intelligence- NAO Robot have been reached at the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BTEC FPT and FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI) on the same day.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Tran The Trung- Director of FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI); Mr. Vu Hai Long – Director of BTEC FPT HN; Mr. Kieu Quang Thang – Admission Manager; students and staff at BTEC FPT International College.

Mr. Vu Hai Long – Director of BTEC FPT International College signed a strategic cooperation agreement on hi-tech and NAO Robot with Mr. Tran The Trung – Director of FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI).

Accordingly, FPT BTEC students will be supported by FTRI in all matters related to technology as well as research, additional knowledge and participation in the robot programming projects. Being directly involved in robot programming using artificial intelligence , which makes the robot smarter, will help students have more creative thinking.

“It is very exciting that the research and development of robot at FTRI will be attended by students of BTEC FPT International College,” added Mr. Tran The. “We hope that the youth and intelligence of students will contribute to create smarter robot and a better life”.

Robot BTEC NAO – Artificial intelligence product is researched and developed by FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI).

Today’s robots are also programmed to have the same emotion as a human and its knowledge and intelligence has developed significantly. Robots has some advantages such as a long-term memory system, fast thinking, and high processing speed.

The Sophia Robot in Saudi Arabia, for example, has become the first robot in the world which received citizen certification. Sophia possesses and inherits the remarkable features and advanced science from Saudi Arabia’s most advanced technologies. FPT BTEC students will also learn and study free robot programming with leading experts.

“This corporation is the result of many expectations on both the quality and the accumulated knowledge that BTEC FPT students would like to receive from FTRI,” Vu Hai Long- Director of BTEC FPT said. “Currently, about 60% of students at BTEC FPT are studying IT and they will have practical experience with high technology knowledge”.

From the first day of establishment, BTEC FPT was oriented to apply iBTEC- Career Intelligence, offering international standard programs from Pearson UK. Qualifications are recognized in more than 100 countries in the world as well as in Vietnam. A lot of job opportunities come from the FPT Corporation and its business partners with the university are always open to welcome students to practice and work.

Source: FPT Education