“Brothers and Sisters”- a new model that students help students

The Brothers and Sisters model was first introduced at FPT University in the new school year 2017 – 2018 to support new students getting well on the university environment.

Accordingly, “Brothers and Sisters” are students who have good academic and training performance in the club or team activities. They are responsible for helping and guiding new students to become familiar with the different learning environments at FPT University.

To become a “Brothers and Sisters”, students who studied at the university must undergo a review process of study results and face-to-face interviews. Understanding the anxiety and shock of new students, elder students are the bridge to help them share difficulties and receive information from the University.

"Brothers and Sisters" - a new model at FPT University.
“Brothers and Sisters” – a new model at FPT University.

“The model comes from the understanding of students to improve students’ lives better. “Brothers and Sisters” are all students who not only have outstanding academic and performance but also specially selected by the University to guide and support new students,” said Le Thanh Phuong Ha, Head of Personnel Development (PDP).

From the first day of going to FPT University, new students are instructed carefully by “Brothers and Sisters” who provide thoughtful guidance in uniforms, bus routes to the university, teaching methods, effective English learning method, abroad semester and club activities, etc.

Ms. Hua Thi Kim Quyen – International Business student was eager and curious to meet her “Brothers and Sisters”. Knowing FPT University through her brother who studied Software Engineering, Quyen shared, “FPT University will definitely be different with high school, especially when I have to live away from home. Being guided by elder students helps me feel more secure to catch up faster and overcome my worries with the new curriculum”.

Students receive uniforms under the guidance of "Brothers and Sisters" on the first day of school.
Students receive uniforms under the guidance of “Brothers and Sisters” on the first day of school.

“I am very happy when my child has received a lot of support from other students,” Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh- mother of Phan Hoang Ky (a student of software engineering) noted. “I believe with this support, new students will have the right direction and develop passion throughout 4- year studying”.

Hoang Ky was introduced 16 Clubs including FBL Music Club, Vo Vovinam Club – FVC, Event Organizer Club – FEV, etc as well as Experienced programs such as 48 hours of movement, 7 days of experience, Field Trip, etc. Depending on his own interests, Hoang Ky is guided to choose the right clubs and programs.

Students are no longer surprised because "Brothers and Sisters" has provided all the information.
Students are no longer surprised because “Brothers and Sisters” has provided all the information.

Nguyen Hong Thu Phuong – Graphic Design student joined the project “Brothers and Sisters” from the first season. From her experience, Thu Phuong actively supports students. “Recalling the beginning of the school, I am a little timid due to lack of information about the learning model, subjects and extracurricular activities,” she smiled. “I want to share them with the new students”.

With the aim of creating a friendly campus environment, “Brothers and Sisters” is becoming a companion, helping students tackle difficult issues and shorten their integration into a different training environment at FPT University.

Credit: FPT Education