‘Big brother’ in the eyes of FPT University students

Mr. Vo Ngoc Hien who is a member of the International Relation Department at FPT University HCM was named by his students as ‘big brother’.

Having experiences as a freelancer in tourism industry after graduation, Ngoc Hien never thought he will stick with the educational environment. The destiny brought him to FPT Education is when he read the recruitment information for the student department at the beginning of 2015. “At that moment, I thought I could work with students well as I’m still young,” he smiled.

Vo Hien is a familiar face with the student community of FPTU HCM.
Vo Hien is a familiar face with the student community of FPTU HCM.

After working for a period, he has been transferred to the Personal Development Program department and has been assigned in the position of International Relations Officer since November 2016.

Ngoc Hien’s current main job is to organize students to study abroad through programs such as P2A (Passage to ASEAN), Field Trip or Summit 2. “The most exciting thing about doing this job is to experience something new with students in another country,” he said.

In the eyes of students, Hien Vo is very strict but very friendly with students. Once, he punished a student coming late in the meeting but after that, he felt very regretful. “But luckily the student realized his mistakes,” he laughed and said.

With colleagues, Vo Hien is a talented and funny guy who sings very well and has talent to be a MC. Therefore, in many events in FPTU, he was assigned as MC. With him, these opportunities both honor and satisfy his hobby.

Sharing about future plans, he said that it’s happy enough for him to go abroad, support and experience with students.

Source: FPT Education