Behind a valedictorian

Many gradates are still struggling for job searching. However, Doan Ngoc Son- a software engineering students at FPT University has a stable job with competitive salary while he was still sitting in the lecture hall.

Doan Ngoc Son is one of three valedictorians.
Doan Ngoc Son is one of three valedictorians in the second commencement ceremony 2017.

Doan Ngoc Son shared that his initial success was cultivated from a variety of factors. Of which, the most important one is the decision of right learning environment in addition to his effort.

In the second commencement ceremony 2017, Doan Ngoc Son was one of three valedictorians. “I’m very surprised when I know I’m a valedictorian,” he said. With this achievement, Doan Ngoc Son was honored to represent more than 200 graduates in the ceremony to express deep gratitude to teachers, schools and families.

FPT University – A beautiful memory of youth

In addition to happy moments in the graduation, Son could not hide his sadness to fret with obsessive memories of the past. In the following months, it was unlikely for him to sit down and watch the sunset of HoLa, visit lecturers who have accompanied with him for 4 years or go to the lecture hall and library with friends to avoid heat.

“On the first day coming to Hoa Lac or we called ‘Hola’, I felt the friendliness of students here when I met my instructor Mr. Quan,” he remembered. “One week after the entrance ceremony, we started a training month in Xuan Hoa. One month is very short but many memories that I will never forget”.

Back to school, they were immediately greeted by an exciting FCamp. During three years, there were many events and activities organized by the universities and students along with other social subjects such as Working in Group or Business Communication in order to improve students’ soft- skill.

Become a Fsoft programmer

Currently Son is a programmer at Fsoft after an internship at that company. “I do not know it’s a bad or good luck when I was assigned to join a busy projects. For a whole month, I had to go home very late and stayed over night in the company many days,” he said. But the effort has been compensated as after the internship, FPT Software decided to sign a working contract with him.

AT Fsoft, Son has joined a project named Node IS which is a new area for him. “I have to quickly learn the new programming language to catch up with the project. With the background knowledge at the university and working with Fsoft, I believe I will complete the work well, “Son excitedly said. According to this valedictorian, FPT students are always given priority and that has proven the quality of the university.

At present, the young man desires to build a website supporting Japanese translation. The basic function will be to identify characters and display translation suggestions. “It is just a small project serving my personal interest in reading manga,” he smiled.

Credit: FPT Education