Become a programmer within 7 months with xSeries at FPT University

FPT Online University recently introduced special certificates – xSeries for those who are passionate in IT and want to become an IT expert in a short time. 

xSeries is FUNiX’s intensive technology certification that the information technology market in need of. These programs help learners gain the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in real projects such as application development for cars, blockchain in financial transactions, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc.

The special feature of xSeries is learning through real projects with direct instruction from experts as well as online learning with global learning resources.

According to Mr. Thanh Lam – Project Manager of xSeries at FUNiX Online University, xSeries aims to popularize the latest technologies, facilitate those who love technology and want to catch up with world trends, as well as seek out challenging work. With the goal of helping students ensure the output after studying, FUNiX always strives to build courses in a professional and different way through the online learning model.

“FUNiX’s training method emphasizes Engineering rather than Research which ensures that learners can engage in practice. The program is based on theoretical lectures of leading experts in the world, combined with practical projects of enterprises which are directly guided by mentors and close support of the school throughout the learning process,” said Mr. Lam. “The practical part is a big highlight of the program, ensuring students can graduate to work immediately. FUNiX accompanies leading enterprises to build programs as well as teaching”.

Especially, with a team of experienced professionals, FUNiX mentors can be considered as “guarantors” associated with the commitment of the school’s training quality. For xSeries – FUNiX’s most advanced technology training programs, the mentors are also the top experts of Vietnam IT industry.

In terms of training time, FUNiX courses in xSeries such as Blockchain, Automotive, Machine Learning and Data Science are expected to last around 6-7 months. However, learners can shorten their study time if they invest more time. 


If you’re interested in these course, don’t hesitate to send an email to Ms. Khanh Huyen- for more information.