Amazing experience of Japanese students at Remote Internship Program

It’s a sunny morning when Japanese students and FPT staff raised their glasses for the closing ceremony. Not like a normal event, they celebrated the party through an online meeting platform. Despite this, all of them could not hide their happiness and emotional moments. 

“I’m actually now 22 years old and I think I’m the oldest person in this program. This time, I lost purpose and opportunities and I really do not know what to do,” Mr. Shoya Hasebe- a Japanese student doing an internship at FPT Education Global said. “Suddenly, FPT University opened the door for me to try doing new and amazing things”. 

A group of 16 students from Gakushuin University (Japan) recently finished the Remote Internship Program for 5 weeks from August 10 to September 11 held online by FPT Education Global. During the program, 16 students had the chance to develop their English skills, exposure to real projects and discover the dynamic culture of Vietnam. 

“In the beginning of the program, I couldn’t imagine how this is going to work and worried if I’d be able to work during the program because it’s my first time to do everything online and all in English,” Ms. Haru Shimomura shared in the closing ceremony. “Sometimes, I found difficulties but now I’m eager to work with people from all over the world more than over and it has inspired me to build my career in the future”.

A class of Remote Intership Program

Accordingly, these Japanese students spent one week enhancing their English skills with a professional lecture of FPT Education. Beside English, students also have a chance to learn more about soft skills such as effective communication and productivity when working from home or career navigation. After the first week, they started to join real projects in different sectors including Sales & Marketing, PR & Branding, and Copywriter at prestigious partners of FPT Education such as  FPT Education Global, Coxplore, QIQ Vietnam, Kim Chỉ Agency, and MercTrans

“This virtual program gave us an opportunity to work with people from different places and countries like Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, etc.” Ms. Darlenne Pebris Helsabeck- English lecture of FPT Education happily shared. “The program actually created a global village so it actually proves that nothing even the pandemic could stop learning”.

The successful delivery of this program is the testimonial of FPT Education’s commitment on bringing high quality and experimental education to students from all over the world. 

FPT Education Global hopes that these experiences and knowledge will be part of your life and the motivation for your future!

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Let’s take a look at Gakushuin students’ touching sharing on this special program!