Achieving quality accreditation, FPT University is self-reliant in opening branches and affiliate training program

FPT University recently completed the accreditation, becoming the fifth university which meets the new evaluation standards set by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.

FPT University conducted accreditation with a set of 25 standards with 111 criteria dividing into 4 sections including Quality assurance on strategy, system, functional performance, and operational results.

Out of more than 300 universities nationwide, over 120 schools participated in assessing the quality of higher education institutions. At this time, 4 universities are recognized to meet the quality standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.

With the newly announced results, FPT University becomes the fifth institution in the country to be qualified.

The new standard of accrediting higher education institutions has significant changes compared to the previous standards, following the quality standards of international higher education. As a result, the new standard accreditation not only helps to assess the quality of higher education institutions but also plays a role in helping schools have a standard framework for reference and implementing strategies to improve quality and international integration.

With the results of passing quality accreditation following the provisions of the amended Higher Education Law in 2018, FPT University is officially self-reliant in opening branches, determining enrollment targets and implement the affiliate training program.

“The achievement of new evaluation standards is the testimonial of the quality of FPT University’s operation,” said Dr. Nguyen Khac Thanh – Rector of FPT University. “With the autonomy in many important activities, FPT University will have more opportunities to strongly develop the school’s education and training activities”.

FPT University aims to build a model of a new generation university with a modern educational philosophy, combining practical training which adapts human resource needs of the country and contributing to the education of Vietnam. The difference between FPT University and other universities is the close link with enterprises, combining training with practice, with research & development and the most up-to-date technologies.

Thanks to being trained in soft skills early and experiencing the real working environment at enterprises, FPT University students are able to adapt to the requirements of the labor market upon graduation. According to the school’s statistics, 98% of graduates have jobs with a competitive salary; 19% of alumni work abroad, and 100% of students have the opportunity to work at FPT Corporation.

Having been experiencing 13 years of establishment, FPT University is proud to be the leading IT university in Vietnam with its global reputation for excellence in technology and 5-star student services. The university will be the best choice for international students who want to choose high-quality education in one of the most dynamic countries in Asia. 

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