“In the class there’s a mix of different cultures from different backgrounds, so the study tour is not only for Australian students but also for our international students. We can see how they can interact with each other. A lot of translations being used and how they can actually communicate in all different understandings in the class is quite interesting. The study tour finished with Hackathon which is very remarkable allowing the students to create something that they’ve learned from the whole 2 weeks and also the cultural program aspects are very well-organized, giving the students very exciting experience which exactly the purpose of the collaboration between Deakin University and FPT University.”
Dr. Thuong Hoang, lecturer of Deakin University
Study Tour Program
“The quality of the information that FISEC prepares for us and for students for promotion, pre-departure and in-country is excellent. FISEC goes above and beyond to help find the right internship experience for the right student and in our field this is gold. The facilities and student accommodation on the FPT University campus are amazing. Students are well supported and cared for. When students do the internship component, they continue to stay on the university campus and are bussed out to their Internship Company and back each day. FISEC understands how important it is for us to ensure that our students are safe no matter where they are and helps us work through our rigid occupational health and safety requirements.”
Margaret Herczeg, International Program Coordinator of Deakin University
Study Tour Program
“There are some moments that I experience while I am in Da Nang end up completely blowing me away, in ways that I have never expected. Da Nang introduces extraordinary locations, experiences and people. Without a doubt, these memories will definitely stay with me forever, and years later, I will still smile at them.”
Amal Najibah Hj Osmera, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Community Outreach Program
“Living here has been one of the best part of my life. I was able to explore a whole new place, meet new and wonderful friends, and the most important part is that I’m enjoying my time here to the fullest. The happiness that I feel can’t be described by mere words, rather through my smile everyday going to the campus to study, shopping for groceries and have fun with my friends in Da Nang!”
Anthony Darren Prasetya, Binus University, Indonesia
Semester Abroad Program
“In the study tour, I got the chance to visit IT companies and through this visit, I got to know a few people and it’s a great opportunity for social networking. I was also exposed to how the IT things work in Vietnam. If I want to open a small company, I have a little idea on how to start up. The IT visit has given me a great insight on how the start-up should grow and also I got to interact with a few Vietnamese students who are younger than me but their expertise are far better that I can grasp from them. The hard-working nature of people here has inspired me a lot. This skill I will take back to my place and implement them.”
Kavitha Gopagani, Deakin University
Study Tour Program
"If my child wants to study abroad, I will advise him to study Information Technology in Vietnam. I have visited many IT Universities in Vietnam, including FPT University, and I think Vietnam has a very high standard in IT education."
Mr. Stephen Chirtau (Nigeria)
Counselor and Political
“I am now working for a company in Hanoi that develop software for foreign clients. I choose Master of Software Engineering in FPT because FPT is the biggest cooperation in Vietnam"
Olaluwa Okunniyi
“I enjoyed working with the students. They are very enthusiastic and for the students, I believe they have very interesting experience including language, cultural experience and knowledge. They learn how to work in a team which is really a good thing. I would definitely want to join again as FISEC has good people and they organized very well”
Nguyen Hoai Trung, lecturer of FPT University
Study Tour Program
“I love nature, and Da Nang is the right solution for me. This city situated nearby sea and mountain. I got the chance to be at the very peak of the Son Tra Mountain, or the highest spot in Da Nang. I enjoy the life here.”
Supakrit Boondee, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Internship Program
“I listen to the sound of waves gushing, creating its very own symphony while looking at the warm golden sand being swept away by the bright blue ocean, i close my eyes as all thoughts came running to me, the flashback memories of me discovering Danang starts to appear. Every place I went all has its own story to tell. My favourite place would be the beach, so calming and refreshing. A definite place to go when I am in need of peace in mind, it’s where I am allowed to be creative, its where all my imaginations run wild, the only place I feel free and un judged.”
Mimi Wahizah Md Sofian, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
“Da Nang possesses wonders I’ve grown to be fond of during my 4 months stay as a student taking the Community Outreach Program with FPT University. Da Nang beach is a place where the cold ebb and flow grants me peace and tranquility as it caresses my feet. A place where we bonded with the international students through games filled with joy and laughter. A place where unforgettable memories were made with friends from around the globe as we splashed salty water and built bizarre sand castles. It is a place that deserves a special spot in the highlights of my time spent in Da Nang.”
Md Imamull Qhaeer Md Syamsol, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Community Outreach Program
“It’s interesting and it’s different to a new experience because we come from a place where education is very complex. It kind of link the education system in Vietnam to India because it’s legit; we have a lot of information being fed on the students on the daily basis. Every day in this country is a best memory because it’s a new place and the food was something that we’re not used to and we have to adapt but over the time, it was something I would really look forward to come again and experience it.”
Navin Prasad, Deakin University
Study Tour Program
“I have learnt how to live in the real world without asking for help all the time. I understood anything in life more and more. I felt like I’m growing up step by step here. Also, being with the international friends here is such a great chance for me to learn how to talk to others using English, learn new cultures, learn their languages and make more friends easily.”
Aticha Saengsuwan, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Internship Program
“I am happy to have taught at FPT for one year. I think it was the best university for me to be placed with and am glad for the experience.”
Joy Jones (USA)
Full-time Teacher