Welcome to FPT University,

In acknowledging the shortcomings of a traditional university system for today’s needs; from the encouragement of the government in educational socialization for greater human resource development; and from the demand of FPT Corporation - the largest IT and Telecommunications Corporation in Vietnam, FPT University was officially established over a decade ago.

We are here to help students develop themselves comprehensively, discover their passions and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, cultural background, and above all the spirit of independence for university life.

At FPT University, we concentrate on developing a ‘new generation university’ with a modern educational philosophy which combines training activities with the actual need for skills in the country, leveraging Vietnam to a level at which it can compete with developed countries in the world. Afterwards, FPT students have the best preparations for a global working environment after graduation with their ready-conditions provided by the university including languages, personal development, social awareness, soft skills and On the Job Training (OJT). We are proud to be the leading IT training university in Vietnam and reap the fruits of labor with 100% of graduates getting jobs globally or pursuing master’s degrees. Currently, we are training 36,000 students in different programs and we steadily grow at 40% per year.

Being the first university in Vietnam to be awarded a 3-star Rating by the QS World University Ranking System with 5 stars in 4 main sectors: Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Social Responsibility, we commit to continuously provide superior education and training to our students for in-demand careers in a supportive, accessible learning environment, transforming students’ lives with the goal of adding values to their communities and becoming a world-class university in Vietnam and toward the globe.

On behalf of Board Management of FPT University, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all partners and students who trust and have been working with us for the time being. We commit to bring the best practice of higher education quality, diversifying environment and services to you with “lifelong learning” skills to be global citizen.

Dr. Le Truong Tung


Mission: To provide global competitiveness to a massive number of learners, contributing to intellectual development.

Vision: iGSM [Industry Relevant - Global - Smart Education - Mega]: To become an international Mega education system, meeting the social needs and based on the most advanced training technologies.

Education philosophy: Education is to organize and manage self-learning skills of learners.

Industry oriented programs

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CAMPUSES (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang & Can Tho)


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Students get a job within 3 months after graduation


FPT University Global as a specialized department recruiting international students to study at FPT Education. FPTU Global has brought opportunities to study in Vietnam for hundreds of students in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Laos, Myanmar, Japan and Korea. We are here to provide considerable support with a range of information, support and services to international students. At the same time, FPTU Global also seeks partners to develop training abroad such as Laos, Myanmar, etc.

In addition, FPTU Global is responsible for the development of student exchange programs and short-term training courses for international students coming to Vietnam. The organization maintains close relationships with nearly 70 universities in 20 countries and annually receives 1,000 foreign students to study and do short-term internships in Vietnam. The notable countries include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, France, Germany, USA, etc.


Industry-based Program

By a global mindset and pragmatic industry-oriented training programs, you will get learned by the proactive IT training method on project-based model. you will have an industry mentor during your study through our close relationships with the industries, FPT Software and other business partners. Hence, you are prepared for a broad range of career skills in information systems and project management through getting involved in real projects.

International Experience

Many students from different Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei and Indonesia made Da Nang campus become their second home. The Da Nang campus is open for you to share your feeling, culture and experience in studying and living with other students here.

Personal Development Program (PDP)

This program ensures that you are fully equipped with not only practical working skills but also social and cultural knowledge. Additionally, you have opportunities to discover and understand themselves as well as people around you through a range of events organized by FPT University such as Club Day, Cultural Day, Career Day, Carnival Day, etc.

Student Exchange Opportunities

Having partnered with 182 universities and colleges from more than 31 countries around the world, you have more opportunities to participate in our exchange programs and get different life experiences in many countries, thereby enriching their lives, enhancing their knowledge and being ready for the journey after graduating from FPT University. We also welcome hundreds of international students from our academic partners to study and exchange cultures every year. This brings dynamic atmosphere and international diversity to the learning environment at FPT University.

Global Jobs Introduction

Understanding your need, we commits to support you in introducing relatable jobs in our business partners to you. And by having presence in 45 countries around the world, you have an opportunity to work globally after graduation.



Some important milestone in the development of FPT Education

  • 1999: FPT Aptech (software programming training center)​
  • 1999: FPT Aptech (software programming training center)​
  • 2006: FPT University
  • 2009: FPT Greenwich (UK Degree programs) & FPT School of Business​
  • 2010: FPT Polytechnic (vocational training college)
  • 2011: FPT Jetking (hardware and networking programs)​
  • 2013: FPT High School
  • 2015: FUNiX (online university)​
  • 2016: FPT International Student Exchange Center (student mobility programs)
  • 2017: FPT Primary school, FPT BTEC (UK Higher Diploma), FPT-UBD Innovation Lab (intensive software development training in Brunei) & UBD-FPT Global Center (English Language training center)
  • 2018: FPT Skillking (Digital Marketing certificate program)​



QS Stars

The first university in Vietnam to be awarded 3 stars overall by QS International Rating


FPT School of Business to be ranked in the top 2 of business schools in Vietnam (2015). FPT MBA program to be ranked in the top 200 MBA programs in the World (2017)


FPT University became an official member (2016)


FPT University became an official member (2017)


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Hotline: +84 354 235 298 (Whatsapp, Viber)