The 9x director earns thousands of dollars monthly by programming

Since the third year, Nguyen Sy Hung, an alumni of FPT University, could earn thousand dollars through mobile programming and opened his own company.

Sharing about his success, Nguyen Sy Hung said that in the third year of university, Hung began his 8-month On the Job Training (OJT) program.

During the OJT, Hung worked at a prestigious software company in Hanoi. Because of concentrating only on learning, when stepping into the actual working environment, this student faced a lot of surprise and difficulty. However, after meeting with elder students who opened their own company, Hung learned a lot of practical experience as well as their determination.

Nguyen Sy Hung (2nd from the left) began his career with his friends since the third year at FPT University.

“The OJT has given me valuable experiences and relationships to start my own career path,” Hung shared. “Our business idea is to focus on the mobile as this is a potential market with constant growth”.

After the OJT, Hung immediately began his plan. He gathered a group of good programmers who have the same direction and studied at FPT University. Thanks to the clear idea, the same foundation of solid knowledge as well as the capacity shown through the study results and the first technology products, his team have attracted investment capital right after the establishment of Hung and friends.

This new graduate became directors and one of the main programmers in the company. Many products of Hung and his friends have had a number of frequent customers and stable revenue. These are promising prospects for the development of the company.

Currently, he earns about USD 1,000 per month for mobile programming, and the young man has opened a branch for his company in the US called Saolasoft. Hung’s goal is to build more successful mobile applications to serve users and to prompt their products to the international market.

“During the first time of operation, I met a lot of difficulties, mainly from the idea of the product. But I believe that difficulty is the challenge and challenge is the opportunity,” Hung said. “Without the support from everyone in the company, I could not overcome those things”. Currently, Hung and his colleagues continues to call for investment to expand the market abroad.

In addition to the ideas, this FPT University’s alumni also faced difficulties in management. However, thanks to mentors and instructors who operated before, Hung gradually became more confident.

“At work, I think the most important thing is to create the comfortable environment for everyone and assigned right tasks to right people. I’m still on the process of learning to be more stable as a leader of the company,” said the young director. He also shared that the company is accepting about 8 FPTU students to practice with salary based on their actual capacity. Hopefully, the young and comfortable working environment here will create the motivation for the students of the next course to develop their strengths and talents.

“It’s still too early to talk about success because I still have a long way to go. But I think to start a business, the most important secret is the passion,” Hung revealed.

Source: FPT University